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Top 5 Disney Films All Young Children Must Watch Before They Grow Up 

A study done in 2011 by pediatrics revealed that our favorite character who lives in a pineapple under the sea, caused kids to have attention problems – after just nine minutes of watching.

In many cases, the films that we exposed to our kids have a role in their intellectual, emotional and educational development. That said, it is important for parents to be very vigilant in regulating what their children watch. While some of us were failed as we grew up such that we never got to watch the movies, we have the chance to save the next generation. This article is the starting point. Besides, it is also important for them to be able to speak the same pop cultural language with their peers as they grow up.

Arranged in no particular order, the following is a list of movies that you need to have your children watch before they grow up.

1.Alice in Wonderland

Like all good movies, this was met with a lot of controversy the moment it came out. To clear the air, this is an absolutely good movie whether you are a conservative parent or not. There is no denying that the movie could have been better without the smoking, head bonks, and name calling, but all that is pretty harmless. For starters, everything happens in a dream, which could be a way to discuss with your kids some of the things that one does not do in real life. It can also lead to more beneficial discussions such as why smoking and name calling is hurtful. On top of Alice being completely self-dependent, it has really wonderful music.

2.Beauty and the Beast

This is a remake to the originally animated one from 1991. First, this is a really good movie that I would recommend to people of all ages, especially children. With a slight difference between the original and the remake, Disney still managed to create magic out of it. It involves some action when the beast rescues Belle and fights with the wolves, but, for the sake of the kids, there is no blood that is seen all through. What might interest the kids more is the inanimate objects becoming animate and can move, talk and even feel.

3.Lion King

Even though the Lion King is considered to be one of Disney’s best animated musicals, it is packed with some scary moments such as the death of Simba’s father. This does not make the movie automatically bad for kids. The theme that is witnessed from the start to the end is that of family. The story mostly revolves around a family of lions that are trying their best not to be messed up by one malicious member of the same family. This could be a very good life lesson to the kids. It shows kids two models of a family; one of good kinsman ship and the other of total manipulation.


Beautiful animations, sweet songs, and a plot story that is so easy to follow are just some of the reasons that you need to get this one for your kids. While Cinderella ends up getting married to a handsome prince, the focus of this film is not mostly on romance. It is majorly on the kindness of the girl and how she treats everyone nicely even though she does not get the same treatment back. The step mother mistreats her a lot and this can spark a very interesting conversation on how to deal with people who are not nice to you.

5.The Little Mermaid

Beautiful songs, combined with the notion of mermaids and princesses will make a very good impression on the children. There is nothing to scare children in this movie so there is no need to worry. However, it is not advisable for preschool kids. As consequences of her actions, Ariel’s father destroys her room in anger. This, on top of many other scenes in this movie could spark a discussion on why a parent would act that way towards a child. For proper comprehension and evaluation of the movie, you should be there when your children watch it, to prevent misapprehension.