All good things ...

During the past year it has become increasingly evident that other projects have superceeded ths Encyclopedia in terms of the time I have personally to develop them - specifically the more inclusive project, The Internet Animation Database. And, although it has been a labor of love for me, it just hasn't brought in enough support financally to keep it going.

Consequently, I will no longer be updating this website and updates have been shut off for any new comments.

But do not despair! During the next year or so, all the information here will be transferred over to the IAD site, so nothing is going to be lost. And we invite you to visit that site and add your voice to the entire world of animation. It will take some time to get everything transferred over, so please bear with us while we make the switch.

Most importantly, thanks for your support through the years that we've been putting this resource together, and we hope for your continued support at The Internet Animation Database.


Patrick Malone, webmaster