About the Encyclopedia

This site covers all of the short subjects Disney made between the years 1922 to the present. For each short, I'll be attempting to provide as wide a base of information as possible, categorized as follows:

Release Date The date of the initial release. However, there are some caveats involved. See here for a more complete explanation.

Running Time The length of the short, as close as we can get them from an uncut version, from the beginning of the titles to the ending titles.

Synopsis A short synopsis of the plot.

Characters list of all the Disney characters featured.

Credits List of all the Disney artists involved. See here for a complete explanation.

Milestones Historical importance (where relevant.)

Awards Awards won, or nominations for awards.

Inside Jokes Those little touches that the animators put in that they thought no one else outside of Disney would get.

Sources As with the feature films, many of the Disney short subjects were adapted from popular fairy tales and children's stories. This will link you to the original sources for their story ideas.

Bloopers It's always difficult, given the unreality of animation in general, to define what makes a blooper. For our purposes, we will consider them the little continuity errors that somehow the artists didn't pick up on. For example, Donald Duck getting blown up by an exploding cigar in one scene, and then miraculously being okay in the next would not be a blooper. However, Pegleg Pete's pegleg shifting from leg to leg would be.

Cut Scenes Disney has of late gotten very antsy about offending anyone or being accused of contributing to bad behavior. So, the cartoon you see on The Disney Channel nowadays may not be shown the same way it was originally produced. Here will be a short description of scenes that were cut for current distribution.

Videos Information on videotapes that the short appeared on, both available and out-of-print.

Laserdiscs Information on laserdiscs that the short appeared on, both available and out-of-print.

DVD Titles of DVD releases, both available and out-of-print, foreign and domestic.

Television Listings of the various Disney shows that the shorts have appeared on (where applicable.)

Comments Personal observations from anyone who cares to contribute and other notes.

Navigating the site is fairly easy. You can start with the first page which starts all the way back at the beginning with the first Laugh-o-Grams in 1922 and motor around the complete site by clicking on the "back" or "next" buttons at the top or left of each page. If you're looking for a specific short, they are all listed in the Index. And of course, if you get lost along the way or want to see an overview of the complete site, there is a "Site Map" key at the top or left of each page to re-orient yourself.

Feel free to contribute ... tell us about your favorite short, why it's your favorite, any personal views you might have. Monograph length pieces are acceptable. (For an example see my own entry on "The Band Concert".) While I can't guarantee that all will get put up on the site, I'd like to use as many as possible. The more the merrier!

Have fun! Please feel free to e-mail us with any question, comments, contributions, corrections, or whatever.