Walt Disney

Year Title Role(s)
1922Little Red Riding HoodDirector
The Four Musicians of BremenDirector, Animation
Jack and the BeanstalkDirector, Animation
Jack the Giant KillerDirector
Goldie Locks and the Three BearsDirector, Animation
Puss in BootsDirector, Animation
CinderellaDirector, Animation
Tommy Tucker's ToothDirector
1923Alice's WonderlandDirector, Live Action Actor
1924Alice's Day at SeaDirector, Animation
Alice's Spooky AdventureDirector, Animation
Alice's Wild West ShowDirector, Animation
Alice's Fishy StoryDirector, Animation
Alice's Fishy StoryLive Action Actor
Alice and the Dog CatcherDirector, Animation
Alice the PeacemakerDirector
Alice Gets in DutchDirector
Alice Hunting in AfricaDirector, Animation
Alice and the Three BearsDirector
Alice the PiperDirector
1925Alice Cans the CannibalsDirector
Alice the ToreadorDirector
Alice Gets StungDirector
Alice Solves the PuzzleDirector
Alice's Egg PlantDirector
Alice Loses OutDirector
Alice Gets Stage StruckDirector
Alice Wins the DerbyDirector
Alice Picks the ChampDirector
Alice the Jail BirdDirector
Alice's Tin PonyDirector
Alice Chops the SueyDirector
Alice Plays CupidDirector
Alice Rattled by RatsDirector
Alice in the JungleDirector
1926Alice on the FarmDirector
Alice's OrphanDirector
Alice's Little ParadeDirector
Alice's Balloon RaceDirector
Alice's Mysterious MysteryDirector
Alice Charms the FishDirector
Alice's Monkey BusinessDirector
Alice in the Wooly WestDirector
Alice the Fire FighterDirector
Alice Cuts the IceDirector
Alice Helps the RomanceDirector
Alice's Spanish GuitarDirector
Alice's Brown DerbyDirector
Alice the LumberjackDirector
Clara Cleans her TeethDirector
1927Alice the Golf BugDirector
Alice Foils the PiratesDirector
Alice at the CarnivalDirector
Alice at the RodeoDirector
Alice the CollegiateDirector
Alice in the AlpsDirector
Alice's Auto RaceDirector
Alice's Circus DazeDirector
Alice's Knaughty KnightDirector
Alice's Three Bad EggsDirector
Alice's PicnicDirector
Alice's Channel SwimDirector
Alice in the KlondikeDirector
Alice's Medicine ShowDirector
Alice the WhalerDirector
Alice the Beach NutDirector
Alice in the Big LeagueDirector
Trolley TroublesDirector
Oh, TeacherDirector
The Mechanical CowDirector
Great GunsDirector
All WetDirector
The Ocean HopDirector
The Banker's DaughterDirector
Empty SocksDirector
Rickety GinDirector
1928Harem ScaremDirector
Neck 'n' NeckDirector
The Ol' Swimmin' HoleDirector
Africa Before DarkDirector
Bright LightsDirector
Rival RomeosDirector
Sagebrush SadieDirector
Ride'em Plow BoyDirector
Ozzie of the MountedDirector
Hungry HoboesDirector
Oh, What a KnightDirector
Sky ScrappersDirector
The Fox ChaseDirector
Tall TimberDirector
Sleigh BellsDirector
Poor PapaDirector
Hot DogDirector
Plane CrazyDirector
Gallopin' GauchoDirector
Steamboat WillieDirector
1929The Barn DanceDirector
The Opry HouseDirector
When the Cat's AwayDirector
The PlowboyDirector
The Karnival KidDirector
The Skeleton DanceDirector
El Terrible ToreadorDirector
Mickey's Choo ChooDirector
The Jazz FoolDirector
Jungle RhythmDirector
Haunted HouseDirector
The Merry DwarvesDirector
1930Just MickeyDirector
The Barnyard ConcertDirector
The Cactus KidDirector
Minnie's Yoo HooDirector
1935The Golden TouchDirector