Jack Kinney

Year Title Role(s)
1932Santa's WorkshopAnimation
1933Birds in the SpringAnimation
The Mail PilotAnimation
Mickey's Mechanical ManAnimation
1934The China ShopAnimation
Hot Choc'lit SoldiersAnimation
Two-Gun MickeyAnimation
1935The Band ConcertAnimation
Mickey's Service StationAnimation
The Cookie CarnivalAnimation
1937Moose HuntersAnimation
1940Bone TroubleDirector
Goofy's GliderDirector
1941Baggage BusterDirector
The Art of SkiingDirector
The Art of Self DefenseDirector
1942How to Play BaseballDirector
The Olympic ChampDirector
How to SwimDirector
How to FishDirector
1943Der Fuehrer's FaceDirector
Victory VehiclesDirector
Figaro and CleoDirector
1944How to Be a SailorDirector
How to Play GolfDirector
1945Tiger TroubleDirector
African DiaryDirector
Californy 'er BustDirector
Duck PimplesDirector
Hockey HomicideDirector
1946Casey at the BatDirector Drafts Available
Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue BonnetDirector
1949Tennis RacquetDirector
Goofy GymnasticsDirector
1950The Brave EngineerDirector
Motor ManiaDirector
Hold That PoseDirector
1951Lion DownDirector
Cold StorageDirector
Home Made HomeDirector
Cold WarDirector
Tomorrow We DietDirector
Get Rich QuickDirector
Fathers Are PeopleDirector
No SmokingDirector
1952Father's LionDirector
Hello AlohaDirector
Man's Best FriendDirector
Two Gun GoofyDirector
Teachers Are PeopleDirector
Two Weeks VacationDirector
How to Be a DetectiveDirector
1953Father's Day OffDirector
For Whom the Bulls ToilDirector
Father's WeekendDirector
How to DanceDirector
Football (Now and Then)Director
Canvas Back DuckStory
How to SleepDirector
1954Donald's DiaryDirector
The Lone ChipmunksDirector
Pigs Is PigsDirector
Casey Bats AgainDirector
Social LionDirector
1956Chips AhoyDirector
How to Have an Accident in the HomeStory
1959How to Have an Accident at WorkStory