Paul Allen

Year Title Role(s)
1933Puppy LoveAnimation
The Pied PiperAnimation
1934Two-Gun MickeyAnimation
1935Mickey's Service StationAnimation
The Cookie CarnivalAnimation
Mickey's Fire BrigadeAnimation
1936Orphan's PicnicAnimation
Moving DayAnimation
The Country CousinAnimation
1937Woodland CaféAnimation
Modern InventionsAnimation
Donald's OstrichAnimation
1938Self ControlAnimation
Donald's Better SelfAnimation
Donald's NephewsAnimation
Good ScoutsAnimation
1939Donald's Lucky DayAnimation
The Hockey ChampAnimation
Donald's Cousin GusAnimation
Donald's PenguinAnimation
The Autograph HoundAnimation
1940Donald's Dog LaundryAnimation
Mr. Duck Steps OutAnimation
Donald's VacationAnimation
The Fire ChiefAnimation
Early to BedAnimation
Truant Officer DonaldAnimation
Old MacDonald DuckAnimation
Chef DonaldAnimation
1942Donald Gets DraftedAnimation
The Vanishing PrivateAnimation
Sky TrooperAnimation
Bellboy DonaldAnimation
1943The Old Army GameAnimation
Home DefenseAnimation
1944Trombone TroubleAnimation
The Plastics InventorAnimation
1945Donald's CrimeAnimation
Old SequoiaAnimation
1947Sleepy Time DonaldAnimation
Wide Open SpacesAnimation
1948Drip Dippy DonaldAnimation
Donald's Dream VoiceAnimation
The Trial of Donald DuckAnimation