Ward Kimball

Year Title Role(s)
1934Hot Choc'lit SoldiersInbetweener
The Flying MouseInbetweener
Mickey Plays PapaInbetweener
1935The Tortoise and the HareAnimation
Pluto's Judgement DayAnimation
1936Elmer ElephantAnimation
Toby Tortoise ReturnsAnimation, Story
More KittensAnimation
1937Woodland CaféAnimation
1938Ferdinand the BullAnimation
Mother Goose Goes HollywoodAnimation
1939The Autograph HoundAnimation
1941The Little WhirlwindAnimation
The Reluctant DragonAnimation Drafts Available
The Nifty NinetiesAnimation
1942How to Play BaseballAnimation
1943Education for DeathAnimation
The Spirit of '43Animation
Victory VehiclesAnimation
Reason and EmotionAnimation
Chicken LittleAnimation
1944The Pelican and the SnipeAnimation
1946Casey at the BatAnimation
Peter and the WolfAnimation Drafts Available
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetAnimation
1948Pecos BillAnimation
1953MelodyDirector, Animation
Toot, Whistle, Plunk and BoomDirector, Animation
1967Scrooge McDuck and MoneyAnimation
1969It's Tough to Be a Bird!Director