Don Towsley

Year Title Role(s)
1934Two-Gun MickeyAnimation
1935Mickey's Service StationAnimation
The Cookie CarnivalAnimation
1936Moving DayAnimation
1938Donald's Better SelfAnimation
Donald's NephewsAnimation
Donald's Golf GameAnimation
1939Donald's Lucky DayAnimation
The Hockey ChampAnimation
Donald's Cousin GusAnimation
1940Mr. Duck Steps OutAnimation
1944The Plastics InventorAnimation
1945The Clock WatcherAnimation
Donald's CrimeAnimation
Cured DuckAnimation
Old SequoiaAnimation
1946Donald's Double TroubleAnimation
Wet PaintAnimation
Dumbell of the YukonAnimation
1947Sleepy Time DonaldAnimation
Donald's DilemmaAnimation
Crazy with the HeatAnimation
Wide Open SpacesAnimation
1948Drip Dippy DonaldAnimation