George Rowley

Year Title Role(s)
1935Music LandAnimation
1936Toby Tortoise ReturnsAnimation
1937The Old MillAnimation
1938Wynken, Blynken and NodAnimation
The Brave Little TailorAnimation Drafts Available
1939Society Dog ShowAnimation
The Practical PigAnimation
The Hockey ChampAnimation
Donald's Cousin GusAnimation
Officer DuckAnimation
1940Bill PostersAnimation
1941The Little WhirlwindAnimation Drafts Available
Canine CaddyAnimation
The Reluctant DragonAnimation
1946Casey at the BatAnimation Drafts Available
Peter and the WolfAnimation
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetAnimation
1948The Big WashAnimation
Johnny AppleseedEffects Animation
Little TootEffects Animation
1949Pluto's Surprise PackageAnimation
1950Lion AroundEffects Animation
1951Chicken in the RoughEffects Animation
Cold StorageEffects Animation
Corn ChipsEffects Animation
1952Man's Best FriendEffects Animation
Susie the Little Blue CoupeEffects Animation
The Little HouseEffects Animation
Pluto's Christmas TreeEffects Animation
1953Don's Fountain of YouthEffects Animation
Father's WeekendEffects Animation
Ben and MeEffects Animation