Edwin Aardal

Year Title Role(s)
1935Music LandAnimation
1938Self ControlAnimation
1939The Hockey ChampAnimation
1940Tugboat MickeyAnimation
1941The Little WhirlwindAnimation Drafts Available
The Golden EggsAnimation
A Gentleman's GentlemanAnimation
Canine CaddyAnimation
How to Ride a HorseAnimation
The Reluctant DragonAnimation
1942The New SpiritAnimation
The Olympic ChampAnimation
How to FishAnimation
1945The Cold Blooded PenguinAnimation
The Legend of Coyote RockAnimation
1946Dumbell of the YukonAnimation
1947Donald's DilemmaAnimation
Crazy with the HeatAnimation
1948Drip Dippy DonaldAnimation
Donald's Dream VoiceAnimation
Pecos BillEffects Animation
The Trial of Donald DuckAnimation
1949Tennis RacquetAnimation
Goofy GymnasticsAnimation
1950Motor ManiaAnimation
Hold That PoseAnimation
1951Home Made HomeAnimation
Cold WarAnimation
Tomorrow We DietAnimation
Get Rich QuickAnimation
Fathers Are PeopleAnimation
No SmokingAnimation
1952Father's LionAnimation
Hello AlohaAnimation
Two Gun GoofyAnimation
Teachers Are PeopleAnimation
Two Weeks VacationAnimation
How to Be a DetectiveAnimation
1953Father's Day OffAnimation
For Whom the Bulls ToilAnimation
Father's WeekendAnimation
How to DanceAnimation
The New NeighborAnimation
How to SleepAnimation
1954Donald's DiaryAnimation
The Lone ChipmunksAnimation
1956Chips AhoyAnimation