Jack Hannah

Year Title Role(s)
1936Toby Tortoise ReturnsAnimation
The Country CousinAnimation
1937Don DonaldAnimation
Woodland CaféAnimation
Modern InventionsAnimation
The Old MillAnimation
Donald's OstrichAnimation
1938Self ControlAnimation
Donald's Better SelfAnimation
Donald's NephewsAnimation, Story
Good ScoutsAnimation
Donald's Golf GameAnimation
1939Donald's Lucky DayAnimation, Story
Sea ScoutsAnimation
Donald's PenguinAnimation
1940Donald's VacationAnimation, Story
Window CleanersStory
The Fire ChiefStory
Early to BedStory
Truant Officer DonaldStory
Old MacDonald DuckStory
Chef DonaldStory
1942Donald's Snow FightAnimation
Donald Gets DraftedStory
The Army MascotStory
Sky TrooperStory
Bellboy DonaldStory
1943The Old Army GameStory
Home DefenseStory
1944Trombone TroubleStory
The Plastics InventorStory
First AidersDirector
1945The Eyes Have ItDirector
No SailDirector
1946A Knight for a DayDirector
Squatter's RightsDirector
Lighthouse KeepingDirector
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back AliveDirector
Double DribbleDirector
1947Straight ShootersDirector
Clown of the JungleDirector
Bootle BeetleDirector
Foul HuntingDirector
Chip an' DaleDirector
1948They're OffDirector
Daddy DuckDirector
Inferior DecoratorDirector
Soup's OnDirector
Three for BreakfastDirector
Tea for Two HundredDirector
1949Donald's Happy BirthdayDirector
Sea SaltsDirector
Winter StorageDirector
Honey HarvesterDirector
All in a NutshellDirector
The Greener YardDirector
Slide, Donald, SlideDirector
Toy TinkersDirector
1950Lion AroundDirector
Crazy Over DaisyDirector
Trailer HornDirector
Hook, Lion and SinkerDirector
Bee at the BeachDirector
Out on a LimbDirector
1951Chicken in the RoughDirector
Dude DuckDirector
Home Made HomeStory
Corn ChipsDirector
Test Pilot DonaldDirector
Lucky NumberDirector
Out of ScaleDirector
Bee on GuardDirector
1952Donald ApplecoreDirector
Lambert the Sheepish LionDirector
Two Chips and a MissDirector
Let's Stick TogetherDirector
Uncle Donald's AntsDirector
Trick or TreatDirector
Pluto's Christmas TreeDirector
1953Don's Fountain of YouthDirector
The New NeighborDirector
Rugged BearDirector
Working for PeanutsDirector
Canvas Back DuckDirector
1954Spare the RodDirector
Dragon AroundDirector
Grin and Bear ItDirector
The Flying SquirrelDirector
1955No HuntingDirector
Bearly AsleepDirector
Beezy BearDirector
Up a TreeDirector
1956Hooked BearDirector
In the BagDirector