Oliver Wallace

Year Title Role(s)
1938Donald's Better SelfMusic
1943Der Fuehrer's FaceMusic
1944Springtime for PlutoMusic
The Plastics InventorMusic
How to Play FootballMusic
1945The Clock WatcherMusic
Dog WatchMusic
African DiaryMusic
Canine CasanovaMusic
Duck PimplesMusic
The Legend of Coyote RockMusic
No SailMusic
Cured DuckMusic
Canine PatrolMusic
Old SequoiaMusic
1946A Knight for a DayMusic
Pluto's Kid BrotherMusic
In DutchMusic
Donald's Double TroubleMusic
The Purloined PupMusic
Wet PaintMusic
Dumbell of the YukonMusic
Lighthouse KeepingMusic
Bath DayMusic
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back AliveMusic
Double DribbleMusic
1947Pluto's House WarmingMusic
Rescue DogMusic
Straight ShootersMusic
Sleepy Time DonaldMusic
Figaro and FrankieMusic
Clown of the JungleMusic
Donald's DilemmaMusic
Crazy with the HeatMusic
Bootle BeetleMusic
Wide Open SpacesMusic
Mickey's Delayed DateMusic
Foul HuntingMusic
Mail DogMusic
Chip an' DaleMusic
Pluto's Blue NoteMusic
1948They're OffMusic
The Big WashMusic
Drip Dippy DonaldMusic
Mickey Down UnderMusic
Daddy DuckMusic
Bone BanditMusic
Donald's Dream VoiceMusic
Pluto's PurchaseMusic
The Trial of Donald DuckMusic
Cat Nap PlutoMusic
Inferior DecoratorMusic
Pluto's FledglingMusic
Soup's OnMusic
Three for BreakfastMusic
Mickey and the SealMusic
Tea for Two HundredMusic
1949Pueblo PlutoMusic
Donald's Happy BirthdayMusic
Pluto's Surprise PackageMusic
Sea SaltsMusic
Pluto's SweaterMusic
Winter StorageMusic
Bubble BeeMusic
Honey HarvesterMusic
Tennis RacquetMusic
All in a NutshellMusic
Goofy GymnasticsMusic
The Greener YardMusic
Sheep DogMusic
Slide, Donald, SlideMusic
Toy TinkersMusic
1950Pluto's Heart ThrobMusic
Lion AroundMusic
Pluto and the GopherMusic
Wonder DogMusic
Primitive PlutoMusic
Morris, the Midget MooseMusic
1951Corn ChipsMusic
Bee on GuardMusic
1952Let's Stick TogetherMusic
Teachers Are PeopleMusic
Pluto's PartyMusic
Two Weeks VacationMusic
1953Rugged BearMusic
Ben and MeMusic
Working for PeanutsMusic
Canvas Back DuckMusic
1954Spare the RodMusic
The Lone ChipmunksMusic
Pigs Is PigsMusic
Casey Bats AgainMusic
Dragon AroundMusic
Grin and Bear ItMusic
Social LionMusic
The Flying SquirrelMusic
Grand CanyonscopeMusic
1955No HuntingMusic
Bearly AsleepMusic
Beezy BearMusic
Up a TreeMusic
1956Chips AhoyMusic
Hooked BearMusic
1959How to Have an Accident at WorkMusic