Hugh Harman

Year Title Role(s)
1922Jack and the BeanstalkAnimation
Goldie Locks and the Three BearsAnimation
Puss in BootsAnimation
1923Alice's WonderlandLive Action Actor, Technical Direction
1925Alice the Jail BirdAnimation
Alice's Tin PonyAnimation
Alice Chops the SueyAnimation
Alice Plays CupidAnimation
Alice Rattled by RatsAnimation
Alice in the JungleAnimation
1926Alice on the FarmAnimation
Alice's OrphanAnimation
Alice's Little ParadeAnimation
Alice's Balloon RaceAnimation
Alice's Mysterious MysteryAnimation
Alice Charms the FishAnimation
Alice's Monkey BusinessAnimation
Alice in the Wooly WestAnimation
Alice the Fire FighterAnimation
Alice Cuts the IceAnimation
Alice Helps the RomanceAnimation
Alice's Spanish GuitarAnimation
Alice's Brown DerbyAnimation
Alice the LumberjackAnimation
1927Alice the Golf BugAnimation
Alice Foils the PiratesAnimation
Alice at the CarnivalAnimation
Alice at the RodeoAnimation
Alice the CollegiateAnimation
Alice in the AlpsAnimation
Alice's Auto RaceAnimation
Alice's Circus DazeAnimation
Alice's Knaughty KnightAnimation
Alice's Three Bad EggsAnimation
Alice's PicnicAnimation
Alice's Channel SwimAnimation
Alice in the KlondikeAnimation
Alice's Medicine ShowAnimation
Alice the WhalerAnimation
Alice the Beach NutAnimation
Alice in the Big LeagueAnimation
Trolley TroublesAnimation
Oh, TeacherAnimation
The Mechanical CowAnimation
Great GunsAnimation
All WetAnimation
The Ocean HopAnimation
Empty SocksAnimation
1928Harem ScaremAnimation
Neck 'n' NeckAnimation
The Ol' Swimmin' HoleAnimation
Bright LightsAnimation
Sagebrush SadieAnimation
Ride'em Plow BoyAnimation
Ozzie of the MountedAnimation
The Fox ChaseAnimation
Tall TimberAnimation
Poor PapaAnimation
Plane CrazyAnimation