Jack Boyd

Year Title Role(s)
1940Put-Put TroublesAnimation
1941The Little WhirlwindAnimation Drafts Available
Canine CaddyAnimation
1945Tiger TroubleAnimation
Californy 'er BustAnimation
Hockey HomicideAnimation
1946Pluto's Kid BrotherAnimation
1947Rescue DogAnimation
Mickey's Delayed DateAnimation
Foul HuntingAnimation
Mail DogAnimation
Chip an' DaleAnimation
1948Daddy DuckAnimation
The Trial of Donald DuckAnimation
Cat Nap PlutoAnimation
Pluto's FledglingAnimation
1949Donald's Happy BirthdayAnimation
Sea SaltsAnimation
Winter StorageAnimation
Tennis RacquetAnimation
All in a NutshellAnimation
Toy TinkersEffects Animation
1950Trailer HornEffects Animation
Puss CaféEffects Animation
Motor ManiaEffects Animation
Food for Feudin'Effects Animation
Hook, Lion and SinkerEffects Animation
Camp DogEffects Animation
Bee at the BeachEffects Animation
Hold That PoseEffects Animation
Morris, the Midget MooseAnimation
1951Lion DownEffects Animation
Dude DuckEffects Animation
Cold WarEffects Animation
Test Pilot DonaldEffects Animation
R'coon DawgEffects Animation
Get Rich QuickEffects Animation
1958Paul BunyanEffects Animation
1959Donald in MathmagiclandEffects Animation
1961The LitterbugEffects Animation
Donald's Fire Survival PlanAnimation
1983Mickey's Christmas CarolEffects Animation