George Nicholas

Year Title Role(s)
1941A Gentleman's GentlemanAnimation
Canine CaddyAnimation
Lend a PawAnimation
1944Springtime for PlutoAnimation
How to Play FootballAnimation
1945Dog WatchAnimation
Canine CasanovaAnimation
The Legend of Coyote RockAnimation
1946Pluto's Kid BrotherAnimation
In DutchAnimation
The Purloined PupAnimation
Bath DayAnimation
1947Pluto's House WarmingAnimation
Rescue DogAnimation
Figaro and FrankieAnimation
Mickey's Delayed DateAnimation
Mail DogAnimation
Pluto's Blue NoteAnimation
1948Bone BanditAnimation
Pluto's PurchaseAnimation
Cat Nap PlutoAnimation
Pluto's FledglingAnimation
Mickey and the SealAnimation
1949Pueblo PlutoAnimation
Pluto's Surprise PackageAnimation
Pluto's SweaterAnimation
Sheep DogAnimation
1950Pluto's Heart ThrobAnimation
Pluto and the GopherAnimation
Wonder DogAnimation
Primitive PlutoAnimation
Puss CaféAnimation
Pests of the WestAnimation
Food for Feudin'Animation
Camp DogAnimation
Morris, the Midget MooseAnimation
1951Lion DownAnimation
Cold StorageAnimation
Get Rich QuickAnimation
Fathers Are PeopleAnimation
No SmokingAnimation
1952Father's LionAnimation
Hello AlohaAnimation
Man's Best FriendAnimation
Teachers Are PeopleAnimation
Two Weeks VacationAnimation
How to Be a DetectiveAnimation
1953Father's Day OffAnimation
For Whom the Bulls ToilAnimation
Father's WeekendAnimation
How to DanceAnimation
Football (Now and Then)Animation
How to SleepAnimation
1954The Lone ChipmunksAnimation
1956How to Have an Accident in the HomeAnimation
1958Paul BunyanAnimation
1959How to Have an Accident at WorkAnimation