Charles Nichols

Year Title Role(s)
1941Canine CaddyAnimation
Lend a PawAnimation
1943Der Fuehrer's FaceAnimation
1944Springtime for PlutoDirector
How to Play FootballDirector
1945Dog WatchDirector
Canine CasanovaDirector
The Legend of Coyote RockDirector
Canine PatrolDirector
1946Pluto's Kid BrotherDirector
In DutchDirector
The Purloined PupDirector
Bath DayDirector
1947Pluto's House WarmingDirector
Rescue DogDirector
Figaro and FrankieDirector
Mickey's Delayed DateDirector
Mail DogDirector
Pluto's Blue NoteDirector
1948Mickey Down UnderDirector
Bone BanditDirector
Pluto's PurchaseDirector
Cat Nap PlutoDirector
Pluto's FledglingDirector
Mickey and the SealDirector
1949Pueblo PlutoDirector
Pluto's Surprise PackageDirector
Pluto's SweaterDirector
Bubble BeeDirector
Sheep DogDirector
1950Pluto's Heart ThrobDirector
Pluto and the GopherDirector
Wonder DogDirector
Primitive PlutoDirector
Puss CaféDirector
Motor ManiaAnimation
Pests of the WestDirector
Food for Feudin'Director
Camp DogDirector
Morris, the Midget MooseDirector
1951Lion DownAnimation
Cold StorageAnimation
Home Made HomeAnimation
R'coon DawgDirector
Cold TurkeyDirector
1952Man's Best FriendAnimation
Pluto's PartyAnimation
1953The Simple ThingsDirector
Toot, Whistle, Plunk and BoomDirector
1954Grand CanyonscopeDirector
1956How to Have an Accident in the HomeDirector
1959How to Have an Accident at WorkDirector
1961The Saga of Windwagon SmithDirector, Story
The Saga of Windwagon SmithMusic