John Sibley

Year Title Role(s)
1941The Art of SkiingAnimation
1943Der Fuehrer's FaceAnimation
1945Tiger TroubleAnimation
The Flying GauchitoAnimation
Californy 'er BustAnimation
Duck PimplesAnimation
Hockey HomicideAnimation
1946Casey at the BatAnimation Drafts Available
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetAnimation
Double DribbleAnimation
1948They're OffAnimation
The Big WashAnimation
Pecos BillAnimation
1949Sea SaltsAnimation
Tennis RacquetAnimation
Goofy GymnasticsAnimation
1950Motor ManiaAnimation
Hook, Lion and SinkerAnimation
Hold That PoseAnimation
1951Lion DownAnimation
Home Made HomeAnimation
Cold WarAnimation
Tomorrow We DietAnimation
Get Rich QuickAnimation
Fathers Are PeopleAnimation
No SmokingAnimation
1952Father's LionAnimation
Man's Best FriendAnimation
Two Gun GoofyAnimation
Two Weeks VacationAnimation
How to Be a DetectiveAnimation
1953Father's Day OffAnimation
For Whom the Bulls ToilAnimation
Father's WeekendAnimation
How to DanceAnimation
Football (Now and Then)Animation
1954Donald's DiaryAnimation
Pigs Is PigsAnimation
Casey Bats AgainAnimation
Grand CanyonscopeAnimation
1955No HuntingAnimation
1956Chips AhoyAnimation
Hooked BearAnimation
In the BagAnimation
1957The Story of Anyburg USAAnimation
1958Paul BunyanAnimation
1959Donald in MathmagiclandAnimation
1960Goliath IIAnimation
The LitterbugAnimation
1966Winnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeAnimation