Bill Justice

Year Title Role(s)
1943Der Fuehrer's FaceAnimation
Lake TiticacaAnimation
1944The Plastics InventorAnimation
1945The Clock WatcherAnimation
The Cold Blooded PenguinAnimation
Cured DuckAnimation
Old SequoiaAnimation
1946Wet PaintAnimation
Casey at the BatAnimation Drafts Available
Double DribbleAnimation
1947Straight ShootersAnimation
Clown of the JungleAnimation
Bootle BeetleAnimation
Mail DogAnimation
Chip an' DaleAnimation
1948Inferior DecoratorAnimation
Soup's OnAnimation
Three for BreakfastAnimation
Tea for Two HundredAnimation
1949Donald's Happy BirthdayAnimation
Sea SaltsAnimation
Winter StorageAnimation
All in a NutshellAnimation
The Greener YardAnimation
Slide, Donald, SlideAnimation
Toy TinkersAnimation
1950Lion AroundAnimation
Trailer HornAnimation
Hook, Lion and SinkerAnimation
Bee at the BeachAnimation
Out on a LimbAnimation
1951Chicken in the RoughAnimation
Dude DuckAnimation
Corn ChipsAnimation
Test Pilot DonaldAnimation
Lucky NumberAnimation
Out of ScaleAnimation
Bee on GuardAnimation
1952Donald ApplecoreAnimation
Two Chips and a MissAnimation
Let's Stick TogetherAnimation
Uncle Donald's AntsAnimation
Trick or TreatAnimation
Pluto's Christmas TreeAnimation
1953Don's Fountain of YouthAnimation
Working for PeanutsAnimation
1954Spare the RodAnimation
Dragon AroundAnimation
Grin and Bear ItAnimation
The Flying SquirrelAnimation
1955Beezy BearAnimation
Up a TreeAnimation
1956Hooked BearAnimation
Jack and Old MacDirector
A Cowboy Needs a HorseDirector
1959Noah's ArkDirector, Character Movement
1962A Symposium on Popular SongsDirector