Thelma Witmer

Year Title Role(s)
1944First AidersBackgrounds
1945The Eyes Have ItBackgrounds
No SailBackgrounds
1946A Knight for a DayBackgrounds
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetBackgrounds
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back AliveBackgrounds
1947Straight ShootersBackgrounds
Clown of the JungleBackgrounds
Bootle BeetleBackgrounds
1948Daddy DuckBackgrounds
Inferior DecoratorBackgrounds
Three for BreakfastBackgrounds
Tea for Two HundredBackgrounds
1949Sea SaltsBackgrounds
Winter StorageBackgrounds
Honey HarvesterBackgrounds
All in a NutshellBackgrounds
Slide, Donald, SlideBackgrounds
Toy TinkersBackgrounds
1950Lion AroundBackgrounds
Trailer HornBackgrounds
Hook, Lion and SinkerBackgrounds
Out on a LimbBackgrounds
1951Corn ChipsBackgrounds
Lucky NumberBackgrounds
Cold TurkeyBackgrounds
Bee on GuardBackgrounds
1952Donald ApplecoreBackgrounds
Let's Stick TogetherBackgrounds
Pluto's PartyBackgrounds
Pluto's Christmas TreeBackgrounds
1953The New NeighborBackgrounds
Ben and MeBackgrounds
1954Social LionBackgrounds
1956Chips AhoyBackgrounds
1959Donald in MathmagiclandBackgrounds
1960Goliath IIBackgrounds