Johnny Cannon

Year Title Role(s)
1928Steamboat WillieAnimation
Cannibal CapersAnimation
Frolicking FishAnimation
The Fire FightersAnimation
Arctic AnticsAnimation
Midnight in a ToyshopAnimation
The Chain GangAnimation Drafts Available
Monkey MelodiesAnimation
The Gorilla MysteryAnimation
The PicnicAnimation
Pioneer DaysAnimation
Playful PanAnimation
1931The Birthday PartyAnimation
Birds of a FeatherAnimation
Traffic TroublesAnimation
The CastawayAnimation
Mother Goose MelodiesAnimation
The China PlateAnimation
The Delivery BoyAnimation
The Busy BeaversAnimation
Mickey Steps OutAnimation
The Cat's OutAnimation
Blue RhythmAnimation
Egyptian MelodiesAnimation
Fishin' AroundAnimation
The Clock StoreAnimation
Fox Hunt, TheAnimation
The Spider and the FlyAnimation
Mickey Cuts UpAnimation
Mickey's OrphansAnimation
The Ugly DucklingAnimation
1932The Bird StoreAnimation
The Duck HuntAnimation
The Grocery BoyAnimation
The Mad DogAnimation
Barnyard OlympicsAnimation
Mickey's RevueAnimation
Musical FarmerAnimation
The Bears and the BeesAnimation
Mickey in ArabiaAnimation
Just DogsAnimation
Flowers and TreesAnimation
Mickey's NightmareAnimation
Trader MickeyAnimation
King NeptuneAnimation
The Whoopee PartyAnimation
Touchdown MickeyAnimation
The Klondike KidAnimation
Babes in the WoodsAnimation
Mickey's Good DeedAnimation
1933Building a BuildingAnimation
The Mad DoctorAnimation
Mickey's Pal PlutoAnimation
Birds in the SpringAnimation
Mickey's MellerdrammerAnimation
Ye Olden DaysAnimation
The Mail PilotAnimation
Mickey's Mechanical ManAnimation
Old King ColeAnimation
Puppy LoveAnimation
The Steeple ChaseAnimation
Playful PlutoAnimation
Gulliver MickeyAnimation
Mickey Plays PapaAnimation
The DognapperAnimation
1935Mickey's Man FridayAnimation
The Band ConcertAnimation
The Cookie CarnivalAnimation
Broken ToysAnimation
1936Mickey's Polo TeamAnimation
Thru the MirrorAnimation Drafts Available
Mickey's ElephantAnimation
The Country CousinAnimation
Mother PlutoAnimation
1937Don DonaldAnimation
Woodland CaféAnimation
Modern InventionsAnimation
Donald's OstrichAnimation
1938Donald's NephewsAnimation
Mickey's TrailerAnimation
Donald's Golf GameAnimation
1939Donald's Lucky DayAnimation
Donald's Cousin GusAnimation
Sea ScoutsAnimation
Donald's PenguinAnimation
The Autograph HoundAnimation
1940Donald's Dog LaundryAnimation
Tugboat MickeyAnimation
Put-Put TroublesAnimation