Wilfred Jackson

Year Title Role(s)
1928Steamboat WillieAnimation
1929Mickey's FolliesDirector
Cannibal CapersAnimation
Frolicking FishAnimation
The Fire FightersAnimation
Arctic AnticsAnimation
Midnight in a ToyshopDirector
The Chain GangAnimation Drafts Available
Monkey MelodiesAnimation
The Gorilla MysteryAnimation
Pioneer DaysAnimation
Playful PanAnimation
1931The Birthday PartyAnimation
The CastawayDirector
The China PlateDirector
The Busy BeaversDirector
The Cat's OutDirector
Egyptian MelodiesDirector
The Clock StoreDirector
Fox Hunt, TheDirector
The Spider and the FlyDirector
The Ugly DucklingDirector
1932The Bird StoreDirector
The Grocery BoyDirector
Barnyard OlympicsDirector
Mickey's RevueDirector
Musical FarmerDirector
The Bears and the BeesDirector
Mickey in ArabiaDirector
The Whoopee PartyDirector
Touchdown MickeyDirector
The Klondike KidDirector
Santa's WorkshopDirector
1933Mickey's MellerdrammerDirector
Father Noah's ArkDirector
Mickey's Mechanical ManDirector
Lullabye LandDirector
Puppy LoveDirector
The Pied PiperDirector
The Pet StoreDirector
The Night Before ChristmasDirector
1934The China ShopDirector
Camping OutDirector
The Grasshopper and the AntsDirector
Funny Little BunniesDirector
The Wise Little HenDirector
Orphan's BenefitDirector
Peculiar PenguinsDirector
Mickey Plays PapaDirector
The Goddess of SpringDirector
1935The Tortoise and the HareDirector
The Band ConcertDirector
Water BabiesDirector
Mickey's GardenDirector
1936Mickey's Grand OperaDirector
Elmer ElephantDirector
Mickey's RivalDirector
Toby Tortoise ReturnsDirector
The Country CousinDirector
Mother PlutoDirector
1937Woodland CaféDirector
The Old MillDirector
1938Mother Goose Goes HollywoodDirector
1941The Golden EggsDirector
1943Aquarela do BrasilDirector
1948Johnny AppleseedDirector
1952The Little HouseDirector