Ralph Hullet

Year Title Role(s)
1946Casey at the BatBackgrounds Drafts Available
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetBackgrounds
1947Foul HuntingBackgrounds
Chip an' DaleBackgrounds
1948Pluto's PurchaseBackgrounds
Soup's OnBackgrounds
Mickey and the SealBackgrounds
1949Pueblo PlutoBackgrounds
Donald's Happy BirthdayBackgrounds
The Greener YardBackgrounds
1950Primitive PlutoBackgrounds
Pests of the WestBackgrounds
Bee at the BeachBackgrounds
1951Test Pilot DonaldBackgrounds
No SmokingBackgrounds
1952Father's LionBackgrounds
Susie the Little Blue CoupeBackgrounds
1954Donald's DiaryBackgrounds
1956A Cowboy Needs a HorseBackgrounds
1957The Story of Anyburg USABackgrounds
1959Noah's ArkBackgrounds
1960Goliath IIColor Styling