Jack King

Year Title Role(s)
1930Cannibal CapersAnimation
Frolicking FishAnimation
The Fire FightersAnimation
Arctic AnticsAnimation
Midnight in a ToyshopAnimation
The Chain GangAnimation Drafts Available
Monkey MelodiesAnimation
Pioneer DaysAnimation
Playful PanAnimation
1931The Birthday PartyAnimation
Birds of a FeatherAnimation
Traffic TroublesAnimation
Mother Goose MelodiesAnimation
The China PlateAnimation
The Busy BeaversAnimation
Blue RhythmAnimation
The Clock StoreAnimation
Fox Hunt, TheAnimation
The Beach PartyAnimation
Mickey Cuts UpAnimation
Mickey's OrphansAnimation
1932The Bird StoreAnimation
The Duck HuntAnimation
The Bears and the BeesAnimation
Mickey in ArabiaAnimation
Just DogsAnimation
Flowers and TreesAnimation
Trader MickeyAnimation
King NeptuneAnimation
The Whoopee PartyAnimation
Bugs in LoveAnimation
Babes in the WoodsAnimation
Santa's WorkshopAnimation
1933The Mad DoctorAnimation
Birds in the SpringAnimation
Three Little PigsAnimation
Mickey's Gala PremiereAnimation
1937Modern InventionsDirector
Donald's OstrichDirector
1938Self ControlDirector
Donald's Better SelfDirector
Donald's NephewsDirector
Good ScoutsDirector
Donald's Golf GameDirector
1939Donald's Lucky DayDirector
The Hockey ChampDirector
Donald's Cousin GusDirector
Donald's PenguinDirector
The Autograph HoundDirector
1940Donald's Dog LaundryDirector
Tugboat MickeyAnimation
Mr. Duck Steps OutDirector
Donald's VacationDirector
Window CleanersDirector
The Fire ChiefDirector
Early to BedDirector
Truant Officer DonaldDirector
Old MacDonald DuckDirector
Chef DonaldDirector
1942Donald's Snow FightDirector
Donald Gets DraftedDirector
The Vanishing PrivateDirector
Sky TrooperDirector
Bellboy DonaldDirector
1943The Spirit of '43Director
Fall Out-Fall InDirector
The Old Army GameDirector
Home DefenseDirector
1944Trombone TroubleDirector
Donald Duck and the GorillaDirector
Contrary CondorDirector
Commando DuckDirector
The Plastics InventorDirector
1945The Clock WatcherDirector
Donald's CrimeDirector
Cured DuckDirector
Old SequoiaDirector
1946Donald's Double TroubleDirector
Wet PaintDirector
Dumbell of the YukonDirector
1947Sleepy Time DonaldDirector
Donald's DilemmaDirector
Wide Open SpacesDirector
1948Drip Dippy DonaldDirector
Donald's Dream VoiceDirector
The Trial of Donald DuckDirector