Dave Hand

Year Title Role(s)
Frolicking FishAnimation
The Fire FightersAnimation
Arctic AnticsAnimation
Midnight in a ToyshopAnimation
The Chain GangAnimation Drafts Available
Monkey MelodiesAnimation
The Gorilla MysteryAnimation
Pioneer DaysAnimation
Playful PanAnimation
1931The Birthday PartyAnimation
Birds of a FeatherAnimation
Traffic TroublesAnimation
Mother Goose MelodiesAnimation
The China PlateAnimation
The Cat's OutAnimation
Egyptian MelodiesAnimation
Fox Hunt, TheAnimation
The Beach PartyAnimation
Mickey Cuts UpAnimation
Mickey's OrphansAnimation
The Ugly DucklingAnimation
1932The Bird StoreAnimation
The Duck HuntAnimation
The Bears and the BeesAnimation
Mickey in ArabiaAnimation
Just DogsAnimation
Flowers and TreesAnimation
Trader MickeyDirector
King NeptuneAnimation
The Whoopee PartyAnimation
Bugs in LoveAnimation
1933Building a BuildingDirector
The Mad DoctorDirector
Birds in the SpringDirector
The Mail PilotDirector
Old King ColeDirector
1934Mickey's SteamrollerDirector
The Flying MouseDirector
1935Mickey's Man FridayDirector
Mickey's KangarooDirector
The Robber KittenDirector
Who Killed Cock Robin?Director
Pluto's Judgement DayDirector
Three Orphan KittensDirector
1936Mickey's Polo TeamDirector
Three Little WolvesDirector
Thru the MirrorDirector Drafts Available
Alpine ClimbersDirector
Three Blind MousketeersDirector
Mickey's ElephantDirector
The Country CousinDirector
More KittensDirector
1937Magician MickeyDirector
Little HiawathaDirector
1938Moth and the FlameDirector