Joe D'Igalo

Year Title Role(s)
1931The China PlateAnimation
The Busy BeaversAnimation
The Cat's OutAnimation
Blue RhythmAnimation
Egyptian MelodiesAnimation
The Clock StoreAnimation
The Barnyard BroadcastAnimation
Fox Hunt, TheAsst. Animator
The Spider and the FlyAnimation
The Beach PartyAnimation
Mickey's OrphansAnimation
The Ugly DucklingAsst. Animator
1932The Mad DogAnimation
The Bears and the BeesAnimation
Just DogsAnimation
Flowers and TreesAnimation
King NeptuneAnimation
Bugs in LoveAnimation
Babes in the WoodsAnimation
Santa's WorkshopAnimation
1933Birds in the SpringAnimation
Father Noah's ArkAnimation
The Mail PilotAnimation
Old King ColeAnimation
The Pied PiperAnimation
The Night Before ChristmasAnimation
1934Funny Little BunniesAnimation
Hot Choc'lit SoldiersAnimation