Gerry "Clyde" Geronomi

Year Title Role(s)
1931The Beach PartyAnimation
Mickey Cuts UpAnimation
Mickey's OrphansAnimation
The Ugly DucklingAnimation
1932The Bird StoreAnimation
The Duck HuntAnimation
The Grocery BoyAnimation
The Mad DogAnimation
Barnyard OlympicsAnimation
Mickey's RevueAnimation
Musical FarmerAnimation
The Bears and the BeesAnimation
Mickey in ArabiaAnimation
Just DogsAnimation
Flowers and TreesAnimation
Trader MickeyAnimation
The Wayward CanaryAnimation
The Klondike KidAnimation
Santa's WorkshopAnimation
Mickey's Good DeedAnimation
1933Building a BuildingAnimation
Birds in the SpringAnimation
Mickey's MellerdrammerAnimation
Father Noah's ArkAnimation
Mickey's Mechanical ManAnimation
Old King ColeAnimation
The Steeple ChaseAnimation
Playful PlutoAnimation
The Big Bad WolfAnimation
The Wise Little HenAnimation
Orphan's BenefitAnimation
Peculiar PenguinsAnimation
The Goddess of SpringAnimation
The DognapperAnimation
1935Mickey's Man FridayAnimation
The Band ConcertAnimation
Mickey's KangarooAnimation
Who Killed Cock Robin?Animation
Pluto's Judgement DayAnimation
Music LandAnimation
Cock o' the WalkAnimation
1936Elmer ElephantAnimation
Mickey's RivalAnimation
Three Blind MousketeersAnimation
Mother PlutoAnimation
1937Moose HuntersAnimation
Lonesome GhostsAnimation
1938Boat BuildersAnimation
Mickey's TrailerAnimation
The Fox HuntAnimation
1939Society Dog ShowAnimation
Beach PicnicDirector
The PointerDirector Drafts Available
Officer DuckDirector
1940Tugboat MickeyDirector
Bill PostersDirector
Pluto's Dream HouseDirector
Mr. Mouse Takes a TripDirector, Animation Drafts Available
Pantry PirateDirector Drafts Available
1941A Gentleman's GentlemanDirector
Canine CaddyDirector
Lend a PawDirector
1942Pluto, JuniorDirector
The Army MascotDirector
The Sleep WalkerDirector
T-Bone for TwoDirector
Pluto at the ZooDirector
1943Education for DeathDirector
Pluto and the ArmadilloDirector
Private PlutoDirector
Chicken LittleDirector
1946Peter and the WolfDirector
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the MetDirector
1948The Big WashDirector
Little TootDirector
Pecos BillDirector
1952Susie the Little Blue CoupeDirector
1957The Story of Anyburg USADirector