Roy Williams

Year Title Role(s)
1932The Klondike KidAnimation
1933Mickey's MellerdrammerAnimation
Father Noah's ArkAnimation
The Mail PilotAnimation
Mickey's Mechanical ManAnimation
Old King ColeAnimation
Lullabye LandAnimation
The Night Before ChristmasAnimation
1934The China ShopAnimation
Hot Choc'lit SoldiersAnimation
Mickey Plays PapaAnimation
Two-Gun MickeyAnimation
1935The Band ConcertAnimation
Water BabiesAnimation
Cock o' the WalkAsst. Director
Broken ToysAsst. Director
1943Lake TiticacaStory
1945Cured DuckStory
1946Donald's Double TroubleStory
Wet PaintStory
1947Sleepy Time DonaldStory
Donald's DilemmaStory
1948Donald's Dream VoiceStory
1950Pluto's Heart ThrobStory
Trailer HornStory
1953Working for PeanutsStory
1954Spare the RodStory
Dragon AroundStory
The Flying SquirrelStory
1956Jack and Old MacStory
A Cowboy Needs a HorseStory