Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck was always sort of a curious anomaly in the Disney pantheon. She showed up in relatively few shorts, and they never really developed much of a personality for her except as either a foil or girlfriend for Donald to play off of. Even then there was a bit of schizophrenia involved. She started out in 1937's Don Donald as a Mexican senorita whose speech couldn't be understood any better than Donald's . However, after that she developed a sort of "Southern Belle" personality. She was always a heck of a dancer, as could be seen in shorts such as "Mr. Duck Steps Out" and "Donald's Crime," and even danced for a nickelodeon show in "A Good Time For a Dime." She had a soft spot in her heart for Donald's three nephews. But, in one sense she was a female version of Donald; she was blessed with every bit a furious a temper as her boyfriend.


From Elliot : I happen to be one of the few people alive who probably holds Daisy Duck in the favorite character slot. She is much prettier than Minnie and less naive in my opinion. I love the old shorts of Daisy where she appears more as a southern belle or Aphrodite type.....but now? What is happening to my favorite character? I feel she is represented as shallow and uncaring now. A typical modern age sheep who conforms to the loud and obnoxious times. A little while back I saw her with a Madonna pony tail! When has Minnie ever been subjected to this humiliation? Daisy Duck was so loved by me because she had class. Now she is represented as a nag and as a character who is always in the Mickey and friends' shadow. Even Pluto has more merchandise and respect! I implore Disney to give this character her integrity back. She has always been the most loved by me.

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Mr. Duck Steps Out
A Good Time for a Dime
The Nifty Nineties
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Cured Duck
Donald's Double Trouble
Dumbell of the Yukon
Sleepy Time Donald
Donald's Dilemma
Donald's Dream Voice
Crazy Over Daisy
Donald's Diary
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Mickey Mouse Works Shorts
Donald's Dynamite : Opera Box
Donald's Failed Fourth
Pluto's Penthouse Sweet
Donald's Shell Shots
Donald's Valentine Dollar
Daisy Visits Minnie
Donald's Dinner Date
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Daisy's Road Trip
Stuck on Christmas
Gift of the Magi
Mickey's Mixed Nuts
Minnie Visits Daisy
Domesticated Donald
Whitewater Donald
Mickey's Big Break
Bird Brained Donald
House of Mouse Shorts
Donald's Charmed Date
Music Store Donald
Donald's Goofy World
Daisy's Big Sale
Double Date Donald
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