Mickey Mouse

What can you say about Mickey Mouse that hasn't been written already? Someone once said that more people knew the name of Mickey Mouse than knew who the President of the United States was. Just the shape of his head alone is one of the most recognizable icons in American culture. And his presence on the movie screen forever changed a minor animation company into a world-wide entertainment power.

It is interesting while watching the shorts to note that Mickey is one of the only Disney characters to have evolved over the years. Donald, Goofy, Chip 'n' Dale all reached the form they were to stay on throughout the years early on in their careers. Mickey was continually developed: he was given a more "realistic" body, ears that worked in symmetry, whites in his eyes, different costumes. No other Disney character was allowed to go through as many changes as Mickey.

Besides the fact that Mickey was one of the first "modern" Disney characters to be created, the nature of the mouse made him a natural leader for the gang. However, unfortunately, it was this very nature that made him not quite as funny as some of the others. Mickey had too much of a laid-back, easy-going nature about him. You didn't find yourself laughing so much at what was happening to him (in the way that you did with Donald Duck) because Mickey would usually laugh it off himself. He was never much of an out-and-out funny character (like Goofy.) He did have the reputation of being somewhat of a troublemaker in the earlier years (like Chip 'n' Dale) but that tendency quickly wore off. As a result, Mickey was usually somewhat of a straight man, with the real laughs coming from the actions and reactions of those he was playing against.

Mickey's voice was done by Walt Disney himself until the mid 40's when he got too busy to keep up with it. The voice was then taken over by Jimmy McDonald, then a Disney sound-effects man. When Mickey's career was revived in the 80's, the torch was passed to Wayne Allwine, curiously enough, another Disney sound-effects man.

Mickey appeared in 132 short subjects (not including his starring turn in "Fantasia".)

Plane Crazy
Gallopin' Gaucho
Steamboat Willie
The Barn Dance
The Opry House
When the Cat's Away
The Plowboy
The Karnival Kid
Mickey's Follies
Mickey's Choo Choo
The Barnyard Battle
The Jazz Fool
Jungle Rhythm
Haunted House
Just Mickey
The Barnyard Concert
Wild Waves
The Cactus Kid
The Fire Fighters
The Shindig
The Chain Gang
The Gorilla Mystery
The Picnic
Pioneer Days
Minnie's Yoo Hoo
The Birthday Party
Traffic Troubles
The Castaway
The Moose Hunt
The Delivery Boy
Mickey Steps Out
Blue Rhythm
Fishin' Around
The Barnyard Broadcast
The Beach Party
Mickey Cuts Up
Mickey's Orphans
The Duck Hunt
The Grocery Boy
The Mad Dog
Barnyard Olympics
Mickey's Revue
Musical Farmer
Mickey in Arabia
Mickey's Nightmare
Trader Mickey
The Whoopee Party
Touchdown Mickey
The Wayward Canary
The Klondike Kid
Parade of the Award Nominees
Mickey's Good Deed
Building a Building
The Mad Doctor
Mickey's Pal Pluto
Mickey's Mellerdrammer
Ye Olden Days
The Mail Pilot
Mickey's Mechanical Man
Mickey's Gala Premiere
Puppy Love
The Steeple Chase
The Pet Store
Camping Out
Playful Pluto
Gulliver Mickey
Mickey's Steamroller
Orphan's Benefit
Mickey Plays Papa
The Dognapper
Two-Gun Mickey
Mickey's Man Friday
The Band Concert
Mickey's Service Station
Mickey's Kangaroo
Mickey's Garden
Mickey's Fire Brigade
Pluto's Judgement Day
On Ice
Mickey's Polo Team
Orphan's Picnic
Mickey's Grand Opera
Thru the Mirror
Mickey's Rival
Moving Day
Alpine Climbers
Mickey's Circus
Mickey's Elephant
The Worm Turns
Magician Mickey
Moose Hunters
Mickey's Amateurs
Hawaiian Holiday
Clock Cleaners
Lonesome Ghosts
Boat Builders
Mickey's Trailer
The Fox Hunt
The Whalers
Mickey's Parrot
The Brave Little Tailor
Society Dog Show
Mickey's Surprise Party
The Pointer
The Standard Parade
Tugboat Mickey
Pluto's Dream House
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
The Little Whirlwind
A Gentleman's Gentleman
Canine Caddy
The Nifty Nineties
Orphan's Benefit
Lend a Paw
All Together
Mickey's Birthday Party
Symphony Hour
Pluto and the Armadillo
Squatter's Rights
Mickey and the Beanstalk
Mickey's Delayed Date
Mickey Down Under
Pluto's Purchase
Mickey and the Seal
Pueblo Pluto
Crazy Over Daisy
R'coon Dawg
Pluto's Party
Pluto's Christmas Tree
The Simple Things
Mickey's Christmas Carol
The Prince and the Pauper
Runaway Brain
Mickey Mouse Works Shorts
Pluto Gets the Paper : Bubble Gum
Pluto Gets the Paper : Spaceship
Mickey to the Rescue : Train Tracks
How to Be a Waiter
Roller Coaster Painters
Mickey's New Car
Pluto's Penthouse Sweet
Mickey's Airplane Kit
Turkey Catchers
Organ Donors
Mickey's Mistake
Donald's Valentine Dollar
Pluto's Kittens
Pluto vs. the Watchdog
Around the World in Eighty Days
Purple Pluto
Sandwich Makers
Mickey to the Rescue : Staircase
Pluto Runs Away
Hansel and Gretel
Mickey's Mechanical House
Pluto Gets the Paper : Street Cleaner
Hydro Squirter
Mickey's Piano Lesson
Mickey to the Rescue : Cage and Cannons
Mickey's Remedy
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Mickey Tries to Cook
Topsy Turvy Town
The Nutcracker
How to Haunt a House
Pluto Gets the Paper : Vending Machine
Mickey Foils the Phantom Blot
Gift of the Magi
Daisy's Road Trip
Gift of the Magi
Minnie Takes Care of Pluto
Mickey's Rival Returns
Mickey and the Seagull
Car Washers
Pluto's Seal Deal
Mickey's Mixed Nuts
Mickey's Mountain
Donald's Halloween Scare
Pluto Gets the Paper : Mortimer
Mickey's Mixup
Mickey's Christmas Chaos
Mickey's Cabin
Mickey's Answering Service
Pluto's Magic Paws
Mickey's Big Break
House of Mouse Shorts
Hickory Dickory Mickey
Pit Crew
Big House Mickey
Mickey's April Fools
How To Be Groovy, Cool and Fly
Mickey and the Goatman
Pinball Mickey
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