Pluto It was always a little difficult telling exactly whose dog Pluto was. Originally, he was developed because Walt thought it would be good for Mickey to have a pet. However, he has been at times taken care of by Minnie and Donald as well. He spent a small time in the Army, where he discovered Chip 'n' Dale and brought them into national prominence.

But he also seems to have had a lot of time for having a life of his own. Pluto had two great loves in his life, Fifi and Dinah. And any number of kids who he could never deny parentage of, including the five puppies in "Pluto's Quin-puplets" and one specifically named "Pluto, Junior."

There has also been a lot of argument about what kind of dog Pluto was, especially when compared to the other famous Disney dog, Goofy. But Pluto was always Mickey's dog, and in the words of Mickey, "He's just a mutt."

Curiously though (and unfairly, in this authors opinion) Pluto was the only standard Disney character not included when the whole gang was reunited for the 1984 featurette Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Although Pluto never spoke a word (save for one brief second in "The Moose Hunt") his woofs and noises were provided at various times by Pinto Colvig (also the voice of Goofy), Lee Miller, and Jimmy MacDonald (who also took over the voice of Mickey Mouse after Walt Disney quit providing it.)

The Chain Gang
The Picnic
The Moose Hunt
Blue Rhythm
Mickey Steps Out
Fishin' Around
The Beach Party
Mickey Cuts Up
Mickey's Orphans
The Duck Hunt
The Grocery Boy
The Mad Dog
Barnyard Olympics
Mickey's Revue
Just Dogs
Mickey's Nightmare
Trader Mickey
The Wayward Canary
The Klondike Kid
Parade of the Award Nominees
Building a Building
The Mad Doctor
Mickey's Pal Pluto
Mickey's Gala Premiere
Puppy Love
Playful Pluto
Mickey Plays Papa
Mickey's Kangaroo
Mickey's Garden
Pluto's Judgement Day
On Ice
Mickey's Polo Team
Mickey's Grand Opera
Alpine Climbers
Donald and Pluto
Mickey's Elephant
Mother Pluto
The Worm Turns
Hawaiian Holiday
Pluto's Quin-puplets
Mickey's Parrot
Society Dog Show
Mickey's Surprise Party
Beach Picnic
The Pointer
Donald's Dog Laundry
Bone Trouble
Put-Put Troubles
Pluto's Dream House
Window Cleaners
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
Pantry Pirate
Pluto's Playmate
A Gentleman's Gentleman
Canine Caddy
Lend a Paw
Pluto, Junior
The Army Mascot
The Sleep Walker
T-Bone for Two
Pluto at the Zoo
Pluto and the Armadillo
Private Pluto
Victory Vehicles
Springtime for Pluto
First Aiders
Dog Watch
The Eyes Have It
Canine Casanova
The Legend of Coyote Rock
Canine Patrol
Pluto's Kid Brother
In Dutch
Squatter's Rights
The Purloined Pup
A Feather in His Collar
Pluto's House Warming
Rescue Dog
Mickey's Delayed Date
Mail Dog
Pluto's Blue Note
Mickey Down Under
Bone Bandit
Pluto's Purchase
Cat Nap Pluto
Pluto's Fledgling
Mickey and the Seal
Pueblo Pluto
Pluto's Sweater
Pluto's Surprise Package
Bubble Bee
Sheep Dog
Pluto's Heart Throb
Pluto and the Gopher
Wonder Dog
Primitive Pluto
Puss Café
Pests of the West
Food for Feudin'
Camp Dog
Cold Storage
R'coon Dawg
Cold Turkey
Pluto's Party
Pluto's Christmas Tree
The Simple Things
Runaway Brain
Mickey Mouse Works Shorts
Pluto Gets the Paper : Bubble Gum
Pluto Gets the Paper : Spaceship
Pluto Gets the Paper : Street Cleaner
Pluto's Penthouse Sweet
Mickey's Mistake
Pluto's Kittens
Pluto vs. the Watchdog
Purple Pluto
Pluto's Arrow Error
Pluto Runs Away
Mickey's Mechanical House
Mickey's Piano Lesson
Mickey's Remedy
Mickey Tries to Cook
Pluto Gets the Paper : Vending Machine
Gift of the Magi
Minnie Takes Care of Pluto
Pluto's Seal Deal
Pluto Gets the Paper : Mortimer
Mickey's Christmas Chaos
Presto Pluto
Pluto's Magic Paws
House of Mouse Shorts
Pluto Gets the Paper : Wet Cement
Donald's Goofy World
Big House Mickey
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