From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

Prod. No. CM#6 Prod. Title The Chain Gang Draft No. CM#6 Page No. 2 Date
Seq. No. Seq. Title
Director Asst. Dir. Layout Man Sec'y
Artist Screen
B. G. Data Description
13 Jaxon C.U. Mickey plays mouth harp - "Prisoner's
14 Hand 12- CU. Cow whistles on pickhandle like
15 King 11-12 C.U. Cat plays cow's tail like violin.
16 Cannon 11-14 C. U. Pig and little guy imitate accompaniment.
17 Clark 14-12 Two dogs howl to melody - finish with
"Barber Shop Chord."
18 Jaxon 24-15 M.C.U. Mickey jazzes up prisoner song -
19 Byrne 6- C.U. Cow plays pick like jewsharp.
20 Cannon 6-1 SH 15 C.U. Cat does jazz dance.
21 Lundy 18-4 SA 7 C.U. The dogs do jazz dance - hootch.
22 Cannon 11-14 SA 16 Pig does hootch dance.