From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

Prod. No. CM#6 Prod. Title The Chain Gang Draft No. CM#6 Page No. 3 Date
Seq. No. Seq. Title
Director Asst. Dir. Layout Man Sec'y
Artist Screen
B. G. Data Description
23 Hand 12-4 Mickey plays on rock - cow da-da's and dances.
24 King 36-2- Tough guy dances - spits on guard's gun.
25 King 15 Guard yells help - prisoners start riot.
26 Cannon 4-8 Whistles blowing.
27 Clark 4-8 C.U. Guards shooting machine gun.
28 Hand 12 L.S. Prison yard - riot action.
29 Cannon 3-12 Two dogs with little dog running - bullets
whiz, etc.
30 Cannon 6 Cow running - gets shot in fanny.
31 Clark 6-12 Pig get shot in fanny - jumps out of pants
- jumps back in.
32 Palmer 16-8 Mickey starts to run - ball yanks him back -
picks up ball and runs off.