From the collection of Hans Perk at A. Film L.A. and reprinted here with his permission.

Prod. No. CM#6 Prod. Title The Chain Gang Draft No. CM#6 Page No. 4 Date
Seq. No. Seq. Title
Director Asst. Dir. Layout Man Sec'y
Artist Screen
B. G. Data Description
33 Palmer 6 Mickey tosses ball on see-saw - spring throws
him over wall.
34 " 18 Mickey lands - yells, "Free!" - ball hits
him on head - trips again - carries off ball.
35 Lundy 19 Guard starts shooting at Mickey - shoots other
guard in fanny.
36 Palmer 8 Mickey running, carrying ball - repeat of
SC. 34.
37 Lundy 15 Prison gates - guard comes out with two
Bloodhounds - move on pan.
38 Cannon 17-8 Mickey running down hill carrying ball -
trips - rolls down hill ahead of ball and
off screen.
39 " 15 MLS - Bottom of hill - stream with march
grass - Mickey lands - ball hits him
wades through water.
40 Clark 18 LS stream in f.g. dogs and guard come in
persp. dump guard in water - dogs go off in f.g.
41 Fergy 22-8 Low persp. shot of road - Mickey runs on and
Off - dogs come on sniffing - bark at camera
and off - repeat.
42 Ben 18 LS Team of horses hitched to wagon - Mickey
hops in - yells giddap - horses jerk him out
and off scene.