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"You and Your ..." Shorts

The "You and Your ..." series was a short series of educational shorts produced for the original "Mickey Mouse Club" back in the mid-fifties. Most featured Jiminy Cricket and each one centered on specific aspect of the human body. They were all released as 16mm films to schools later and were updated in the early 90's.

You and Your Eyes
Jiminy Cricket explains the human eyes.
You and Your Ears
Jiminy Cricket explains the human ear.
You and Your Food
Jiminy Cricket shows the importance of proper nutrition and how the human body needs and uses food.
You and Your Sense of Touch
This short explains the sense of touch and how it is actually four sensation all together.
You, the Human Animal
Jiminy Cricket shows how humans differ from other animals in their use of reasoning and adaptability.
You and Your Five Senses
Jiminy Cricket shows how humans use all five senses and how the brain uses them.
You and Your Sense of Smell and Taste
This short shows how the sense of smell and taste work together.
You, the Human Machine
Jiminy Cricket shows how the "human machine" converts food into energy.