The Gorilla Mystery

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : October 10, 1930

Running Time : 7:27


Beppo the Gorilla has escaped from the zoo, captures Minnie, and ties her up in her own attic. Mickey hunts down the attacker, plays cat and mouse, but finally captures the ape.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Parrot (I)
Beppo the Gorilla


Bert Gillett
Les Clark
Wilfred Jackson
Johnny Cannon
Dick Lundy
Norm Ferguson
Dave Hand
Ben Sharpsteen
Charlie Byrne
Tom Palmer


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume 1
Mickey Mouse : The Black and White Years


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White
Mickey Mouse in Black and White


The Ink and Paint Club: Episode 28: Early Mickey
Mickey's Mouse Tracks: Episode 25
The Mickey Mouse Club : October 29, 1955

Original Animator's Drafts

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Technical Specification

Color Type: Black & White
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono : Cinephone
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by Columbia Pictures, Inc.


From David Gerstein at Ramapith : One of the true oddities - what in the world does this ape plan to do with Minnie? Sexual advances aren't intended, as she's wrapped entirely in rope. Same goes for the ape eating her. So does this nonspeaking simian expect, somehow, to hold her for ransom?
From Jerry Edwards : When a gorilla escapes from the zoo and threatens Minnie, Mickey races over to save his sweetheart. A very exciting and suspenseful cartoon. The gorilla is well animated for 1930. The scene of the gorilla tying Minnie to a chair and gagging her is one of Disney's strangest scenes ever. My wife refers to this cartoon as the "one with the kinky gorilla with the bondage fetish."
From Ryan : This was definitely a worth-watching short. I loved the scene at the end where Mickey and Minnie dance around the gorilla tying him up like a maypole. One thing that I noticed, but I don't know if anyone else has but while Minnie is skipping over to the phone to answer it, she passes a desk with two bookends that look exactly like her and Mickey.
From Sam : One of my personal favorites of Mickey's back-and-white adventures, this short combines clever gags, catchy music, and a good mix of spookiness and silliness as our reluctant hero faces his fears (not to mention a big hairy ape) to save his fair Minnie. Out of all the shorts on the Mickey Mouse in Black and White DVD, I think this one made me laugh the hardest.
From Bill I. : This is a nice Mickey short. It has all the elements of why Mickey is so popular. Mickey has to save Minnie from an escaped gorilla instead of his usual foil, Pete. It has some nice music in the beginning and some excellent animation. If you watch closely as Minnie skips to answer the phone, you'll see Mickey and Minnie bookends on the background table. I thought that the scene with Mickey reading the news about the gorilla escaping and warning Minnie on the phone was well done and funny. Good animation scenes: the gorilla approaching Minnie's window and how the light changes on him and the same when Mickey backs up in the hallway as the gorilla nears. I myself do not think anything as to why the gorilla captured and tied up Minnie; it just served as part of the storyline. Nice ending as Mickey and Minnie tied up the gorilla together.

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