Pioneer Days

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : December 5, 1930

Running Time : 7:13


Mickey and Minnie are out West, then attacked by Indians. Minnie is captured and Mickey is, too, when he comes looking for her, but she escapes and rescues him; later, they disguise themselves as soldiers and scare the entire tribe into the hills.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Horace Horsecollar


Bert Gillett
Johnny Cannon
Les Clark
Frenchy de Tremaudan
Ben Sharpsteen
Jack King
Norm Ferguson
Wilfred Jackson
Dave Hand
Tom Palmer
Dick Lundy
Jack Cutting
Charlie Byrne

Cut Scenes

The entire ending with Mickey and Minnie scaring the tribe away has been cut.


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume 1
Mickey Mouse : The Black and White Years


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White
Mickey Mouse in Black and White


The Ink and Paint Club: Episode 28: Early Mickey
The Mickey Mouse Club : October 21, 1955

Original Animator's Drafts

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Technical Specification

Color Type: Black & White
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono : Cinephone
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by Columbia Pictures, Inc.


From Jerry Edwards : As Mickey and Minnie head west in a covered wagon, they are attacked by Indians who capture Minnie. Mickey rescues her, and then they return to frighten off the Indians from the wagon train by pretending to be an army of soldiers. An interesting, action-filled short. One rather odd scene is of the Indians doing what I perceive as a Jewish-type dance. One exciting scene is Mickey wrestling with an Indian - with Mickey trying to avoid losing his scalp. Minnie pours hot coals down the Indian's pants and the Indian runs off, howling in pain. The most disappointing thing about this short is that the laserdisc set copy is censored. The ending scene of Mickey and Minnie frightening off the Indians is missing. I have never seen a complete copy of this cartoon. Disney Archives' Dave Smith has personally verified that the short did have this scene.

The Mickey Mouse In Black And White DVD set contains the complete Pioneer Days, with the ending restored. The ending shows the wagon train overrun by the Indians. In one scene, after a pioneer sees another pioneer being scalped, the pioneer hands the Indian his toupee and runs off. Mickey and Minnie carry a log with branches sticking up to make it look like soldiers with bayonets and make cavalry bugle "Attack" noise to scare the Indians away from the wagon train.

From Ryan : As Jerry Edwards pointed out, both laserdisc and TV versions of this short are censored missing the very last scene where Mickey and Minnie scare the Indians away by pretending to be the cavalry. I, for one, would like to see this scene. This short was pretty good and aside from it being one of those "song and dance" cartoons, it has some suspense in it when the Indians come to the wagon train.
From Bill I. : Standard Mickey short: Mickey again has to play the hero and save Minnie from the indians as they go west. This short had some real nice animation scenes. The scene of the indians attacking the circled wagons and the great fight scene with Mickey fighting the indian with the knife stand out. This short had some nice sight gags; notable in the fight scene when Mickey, hiding in a stove, gets hit in the tush with an arrow going down the stovepipe. Classic fun. One scene that was moving was when Minnie, Mickey, Horace and Clarabelle are crying while the old man (a goat) laments about his wife. I also thought the indians looked like large rats. Fortunately all my DVDs are uncut and uncensored and the scene of Mickey and Minnie carrying a log with branches sticking up like rifles was funny and well done.
From Sydney Simmonds : This is a great cartoon. I liked the part when the aboriginal wolves and the pioneers each did their own dances. But why wasn't Pluto in it?

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