Traffic Troubles

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : March 17, 1931

Running Time : 7:23


Mickey's a taxi driver on a very dilapidated road. He tries to take Percy Pig to an appointment, but loses him on the way. He then tries to bring Minnie to her music lesson, but a detour through a barnyard and an encounter with a snake-oil salesman ruin that plan, too.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse


Bert Gillett
Dave Hand
Les Clark
Tom Palmer
Ben Sharpsteen
Dick Lundy
Jack King
Johnny Cannon
Norm Ferguson
Frenchy de Tremaudan


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2
Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2


Mickey's Mouse Tracks: Episode 73
The Mickey Mouse Club : February 8, 1956

Original Animator's Drafts

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Technical Specification

Color Type: Black & White
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by Columbia Pictures, Inc.


From Jerry Edwards : Mickey is a reckless taxi driver who has a series of hilarious adventures involving out-of-control traffic, a flat tire, a phony patent-medicine man, and a collision with a cow and barn. It appears that part of the idea for this cartoon came from Walt Disney's unhappy encounter with a traffic cop. One fun gag is Mickey being thrilled as each new bump causes his taxi meter to jump up several dollars each time. His luck turns bad when the last bump causes the meter to reset to zero. I find it rather "odd" that Pete appears as two different characters in this short. Pete, with normal legs, appears early in the short as the traffic cop who reads Mickey the riot act for causing a traffic jam. Later Pete appears (with a peg leg) as the phony patent-medicine salesman.
From Ryan : This is definitely a classic Disney cartoon. Mickey is a taxi driver who drives a somewhat odd-looking taxi (or maybe that's just how they appeared back then). It was funny seeing the meter move from a few cents as far up to $7.50 (which was pretty damn expensive for a taxi ride back then). Another scene that I should point out in this short was where Mickey is driving Minnie to her music lesson, he runs into a cow and the cow ends up with the top of the cab (where the driver/passengers ride) on her back. The license plate had a bunch of numbers on it and when the cow turned it around by running, it read "OH HECK."
From Bill : This is a great short; it has gags and action galore! It opens with Mickey driving his somewhat anthropomorphic taxi down the street, jumping around looking for fares and being squeezed between two other cabs. Pete, who is a cop, yells at Mickey for causing a traffic jam picking up a fare. From then it's one gag after another. Mickey's cab passing another small car by all four wheels scissoring up and going over the car; classic stuff. And Mickey's cab pushing two other cars away to park, biting the front car and Mickey telling the car "No, no!" This short also had Pete in the role of a snake oil salesman, complete with pegleg. The best gag was when the cab strikes a rock and the cab flies off it's chassis and lands on Clarabelle Cow's back. This is when Mickey was a wild and daring mouse and shows why he was the king in the early days. They should have never changed his demeanor!

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