The Mad Dog

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : March 5, 1932

Running Time : 7:09


Pluto swallows the soap while being bathed, then runs away. His soapy slobber makes locals think he's gone mad, and they call the dogcatcher to destroy him.


Mickey Mouse


Bert Gillett
Johnny Cannon
Frenchy de Tremaudan
Joe D'Igalo
Norm Ferguson
Gerry "Clyde" Geronomi
Asst. Animator
Charles Couch


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2
Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2


Mickey's Mouse Tracks: Episode 67
The Mickey Mouse Club : January 17, 1956

Technical Specification

Color Type: Black & White
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by Columbia Pictures, Inc.


From Jerry Edwards : I enjoyed the fun gag of the usually censored scene of the Chinaman dropping his laundry at the sight of the "mad dog" and running back into the laundry. The clothes he dropped also gets up and runs back into the laundry. The Chinaman is rather oddly portrayed as a duck (Peking duck?)!
From Ryan : I have only seen this short once (on you probably guessed it GBTS). I kind of liked it, but I think that it would have been better shown complete. As Jerry Edwards points out above, the Chinaman scene (which I have never seen) looks like a Peking duck. That sounds like it might be kind of funny since the guy is Chinese and "Peking" is a Chinese word. This is one of those many black and white shorts that Disney colorized so I have never seen the black and white version of it.
From Bill : Pretty funny, action packed short. Here Mickey is trying to give Pluto a bath. Of course like all dogs, he hates it, gets away and in the process swallows a bar of soap making him foam at the mouth like a mad dog. Now the action comes fast as Mickey tries to get him back. Many great gags like Mickey floating inside a soap bubble. I also thought the scene with the old cow lady (an "old" Clarabelle?) sees Pluto and runs and calls for help. And who else but Pete would be the dog catcher. Perfect. The scene where Mickey begs and cries for Pluto's life is moving, showing just how big Mickey's heart is. Great get-away from Pete, full of action and the best gag at the end is when the fleas, seeing that Pluto is safe, jump right back on him. I will give this one a solid 9 for action and gags.