Musical Farmer

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : June 23, 1932

Running Time : 7:46


One of Mickey's hens lays a giant egg, and the whole farm celebrates, preparing to take a photograph of the great event.


Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse


Wilfred Jackson
Les Clark
Frenchy de Tremaudan
Gerry "Clyde" Geronomi
Johnny Cannon

Cut Scenes

Some scenes of long underwear were cut in the 80's.


United States
Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2
Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2


The Ink and Paint Club: Episode 44: Musical Mickey
The Mickey Mouse Club : December 28, 1955

Technical Specification

Color Type: Black & White
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by United Artists Pictures


From Danny Pickles : In one scene, we see two turkeys dancing together to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw", making this another one of those many shorts where the famous song is used.
From Ryan : Mickey and Minnie are both farmers in this short. This short in some ways has a connection to the 1929 short The Plowboy. Minnie is humming "Comin' Through the Rye" while milking her cow (I'm not for sure whether or not this is Clarabelle). The scene where Mickey and Pluto scare Minnie in the scarecrow outfit was just hilarious. I also liked the fact that each chicken had her own personal nest with her name on it. Two of them are Bessie and Tessie. Each hen is laying an egg in tune to the music except for Fanny who just can't seem to lay an egg. Bessie and Tessie shake their heads in pity and soon enough Fanny lays a bigger egg than any of those hens. I think this was one of the best Mickey shorts produced by Disney.
From Bill I. : This Mickey short is really funny. This had lots of great sight gags, Pluto digging holes with his tail so Mickey could plant his seeds. Mickey still had his mischievous side when he and Pluto Scare Minnie with the scarecrow outfit. One of the great gags is when Mickey comes out of the laundry dressed like a scotsman, and playing the goose like a bagpipe. At first I thought that Minnie might be milking Clarabelle, but after seeing all the other cows, I think not. Good scene with all the hens laying eggs and poor fanny could not do anything until she finally lays that big egg. Mickey was at his funniest trying to get the camera ready to take the eggs picture, and the tripod running around trying to catch up was just another reason the Mickey shorts were so popular. Great funny ending with the flash blowing up and all the hens feathers singed off! A solid 8.
From Jesus Daprice : I cannot really say what my favorite short is exactly, but my favorite character is Mickey Mouse and one of my favorite Mickey shorts is this one. I liked it because of all the hilarious gags in it such as the camera stand running to catch up with Mickey and when Mickey plays three geese like a bagpipe. Other parts I liked about it were when Mickey and Pluto were in the scarecrow outfit (it may not have scared the crows, but it sure scared the crap out of Minnie). Minnie discovers that it's them and trips them with a hoe. Mickey lands in a laundry basket and ends up wearing a plaid skirt and socks. He grabs a paintbrush, puts it on the skirt (ala kilt) , grabs three geese, and plays them as a bagpipe. Soon the whole farm is dancing. In the henhouse, several chickens are laying eggs in time to the music. One hen named Fanny, however, does not seem to be able to. Soon enough, with some very hard (and painful no doubt) effort, she lays a huge egg and the whole barnyard gathers to see it. Mickey quickly goes into the house and gets the camera and runs to the henhouse with the camera stand running along. Mickey takes a picture of Fanny and her egg, but obviously having too much powder in the camera, there is an explosion that causes the birds' feathers to float around the henhouse.