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Santa's Workshop

A Silly Symphony

Release Date : December 10, 1932

Running Time : 6:37


Santa reads off the list of good or bad boys and girls while the elves go about constructing the toys and making things ready for Santa's trip.


Santa Claus


Wilfred Jackson
Les Clark
Norm Ferguson
Gerry "Clyde" Geronomi
Eddie Donnelly
Ben Sharpsteen
Charles Couch
Marvin Woodward
Harry Reeves
Dick Williams
Jack King
Tom Palmer
Joe D'Igalo
Hamilton Luske
Ed Love
Jack Cutting
George Drake
Art Babbitt
Louie Schmitt
Paul Fennell
Fred Moore
Jack Kinney
Nick George
Frank Churchill

Cut Scenes

A scene where dolls are frightened by a spider, their hair sticks up on end and gets curled has been cut. A black stereotype doll saying "Mammy" has been edited out as has a black doll riding a donkey cart.


United States
A Walt Disney Christmas
Walt Disney's Lieblingsgeschichetn Zu Weihnachten
Weihnachtpass mit Micky und Donald
Die Schönsten Weihnachtsgeschichten von Walt Disney
Frohe Weihnachten mit Micky Maus und ihren Freunden
Micky und Pluto Feiern Weihnachten
Silly Symphonies Volume 1


United States
A Walt Disney Christmas
A Walt Disney Christmas
Merry Christmas


United States
Walt Disney Animation Collection : Volume 7 : Mickey's Christmas Carol
Disney Treasures : More Silly Symphonies
Weihnachtspass mit Micky and Donald
The Mickey Mouse Club : December 22, 1955
The Mickey Mouse Club : December 21, 1956

Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by United Artists Pictures


From Lelila : I've seen this short many times on the Disney channel, and it's a charming little thing. However, I would just like to note that the scene where the dolls get scared and have their hair curled has been in most versions I have seen.
From Ryan : This is one of my favorite Silly Symphony cartoons. I enjoy the way Santa had been drawn; a very cartoony figure with a round, red nose. The elf who reads the list of NAUGHTY and NICE children sounds a lot like the Practical Pig from the "Three Little Pigs" shorts. I dislike the censored version, which is shown on TV where a black doll comes down the chute and says "Mammy!"
From Sharon : Got to be a 10! My kids watch this every year over and over. Its not Christmas without it. And they are all late teens now!
From Josef : This is one of my favorite Silly Symphonies cartoons. Here in Sweden where I live this cartoon has been shown every Christmas since 1960! They also show Mickey's Trailer and other classic Disney shorts every Christmas. The animation in this shorts were very good too.
From Chris Purdue : Awesome! A ten! My sister and I have the original release of A Walt Disney Christmas and watch it every year. This is one of our favorite shorts. We love every second. One of my favorite scenes is the march of the toys into Santa's bag After seeing this short for the first time when she was three years old or so, my sister went Santa Claus crazy. She would talk about nothing but Santa even long after Christmas was over. And she would always say, "Poor ole Santa" when he caught the airplane in his mouth. To make a long story short, this short has been a part of our lives for years and hopefully it will be for many more years to come. Unfortunately, our videotape is starting to wear out. I hope that someday Disney will issue this short, uncensored, on DVD.
From Ida : Santa's Workshop is 10 of course! It´s a lovely Silly Symphony. I love it! Santa is so funny in this short! And the music is very nice, too.
From Dino Cencia : Another great Christmas short! Santa is awesome in this short! I love Christmas shorts. I give this a 8000. Christmas is the best holiday ever!
From Chris : I've been watching this cartoon every Christmas for as long as I can remember and I really love it. For some years now something has been bothering me though. The problem is the lyrics in the beginning when the elves sing "we're the merry merry men of the midnight sun, we work for Santa and have a lot of fun". As I was born far up north I know that Christmas on the north pole means no daylight at all. For a couple of months the sun doesn't rise above the horizon. So has Santa moved to Antarctica? Or is this just a slip of mind on Disney's behalf? I can imagine that most people know more about the midnight sun in summer than the midwinter darkness.
From Craig : We used to watch this cartoon all the time when my children were small. I just found it again and it brought back such wonderful memories. This cartoon truly embodies the feeling of Christmas.
From L. LaGreca : My family has watched this video for years. First my daughters, then my grandchildre. We recently had to buy a new copy, as our orginal video tape had broken. The 'new' version has censored the scene from Santa's Toyshop where the black baby doll comes down the chute & says, "Mammy." My 5 & 8 year old grandchildren were EXTREMELY disappointed, as this was their favorite scene.

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