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Three Little Pigs

A Silly Symphony

Release Date : May 27, 1933

Running Time : 8:41


Three pigs set off to set up housekeeping, and learn to deal with life and wolves.


Three Little Pigs
Big Bad Wolf


Bert Gillett
Fred Moore
Norm Ferguson
Art Babbitt
Dick Lundy
Jack King
Frank Churchill
Mary Moder
Dorothy Compton
Pinto Colvig
Billy Bletcher


Academy Award (Short Subjects - Cartoons)

Inside Jokes

One of the best throwaway jokes in any short involves a picture on the wall of a string of wieners with the caption "Father."

Cut Scenes

There are at least three different version of this short depending on what is cut from the "Jewish Peddlar" scene. Some excise the scene altogether, while others have just overdubbed the voice.


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Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by United Artists Pictures


From J. D. Weil : Historical foot-note here: Even though Carl Stalling left the Disney studio in 1930, he still made occasional visits to the place. Stalling was making one such visit at Disney's on the day that the music track was to be recorded, and was immediately drafted for the recording session. Stalling played the solo piano part and is heard prominently when the wolf tries to blow down Practical Pig's door.
From Jerry Edwards : The merchandising of many items with the images of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs was hugely successful - especially considering this was the Depression era. A reenactment of the writing of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" was included in the Disney TV show "Cavalcade of Songs" (2/16/55), shown often on the Disney Channel. There are four versions of the Three Little Pigs. I do not think I've ever seen the original short. Both the soundtrack and animation has been changed from the original. The four version are (1) the original uncensored short (2) short censored with the animation changed so that the Jewish caricature mask the Big Bad Wolf was wearing is changed to just his face - probably done in the early 1940s - this version with the original soundtrack was supposedly shown as part of the 1973 16mm compilation "Milestones In Animation" and shown on the Disney Channel in the early years around 1983 (3) short censored with the original animation intact but with the original "Big Bad Wolf sounds Jewish" sound changed to non-Jewish - this copy was accidentally included on the video "Disney Favorite Stories The Three Little Pigs." (4) short censored with both the animation changed and the soundtrack changed - this is the version on most videos and shown on the Disney Channel. I only have versions 3 and 4.
From Ryan : While I am not a big fan of the "Silly Symphonies", I actually liked this cartoon. It was pretty funny. I remember owning its sequel Three Little Wolves on video at one time. I had not yet seen this one. One funny scene was seeing the pictures of the parents on the wall. The mother was a nursing pig and the father was a bunch of wieners.
From Atsuko : Another one of my favorites. I prefer the sequels Three Little Wolves and The Practical Pig, but that's just me I guess. Very interesting message within in the cartoon dealing with the Depression. The wolf is one nasty villain, and that fall in the boiling pot just isn't enough to pay back for all the torture he puts the pigs through! I loved the "Poor Little sheep" disguise of the wolf. His disguises are always so obvious! I guess Practical is the only one of the pigs to ever notice this.
From Brian Edward Johnson : My daughter loves the Three Little Pigs short. We have rented the video so many times, and have finally decided to buy it. Whose afraid of the big bad wolf? Not our three year old.
From Slightly : After seeing this short 90 times this year, I wanted to comment on it and this is what I have to say. The 3 pigs short is a wonderful cartoon to watch over and over again, the music, the animation, and the sounds were very good. Billy Butcher's voice as the wolf was magical; it was like the wolf was actually really alive and talking. When I was about 2 I was watching the 3 little pigs and when I saw the wolf coming up on the screen and spying on the pigs I just laugh at him and then when he blew the straw and stick it was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. But when the short got to the part where the wolf was getting angry I was scared of him. I thought he would come to my home and blow it down and eat me. The Disney bad guys used to scare me until now. This is one of Walt's most wonderful, magical, enchanting, and golden cartoon in the Disney history. That's why I love it.
From Christopher : To me this is one of the best Disney "Silly Symphonies". I have grown up watching this cartoon, and never realized that it wasn't the original version. I have just see the original uncut theatrical version on the big screen. The music is a bit different, and the beginning and ending titles are totally different than that shown on the Disney channel, or on the videos. If anybody else has seen this short on the big screen please tell me so. It is such a great experience. The reason that I had seen this on the big screen was in part of the OSCARS 75th anniversary that's being held here in Los Angeles. If anyone is in Los Angeles you should check out this film series, for they have more Disney restored uncut shorts to show.
From Benke Cloudberry : I´m a great fun of Disney Cartoons and have bought all the Disney Treasurers. Imagine my disappointment when I read the Jerry Edwards comment that part of this cartoon is censored! My disappointment has grown further when I captured the same cartoon last June from the Nordic Disney Channel and found out that it was complete (including the "Jewish" disguise). How I liked the cartoon? Good, but none of my favorites. When I show it to my friends they enjoy that with the portrait gallery and so do I.
From Gijs Grob : One of the most successful, most famous and most perfect cartoons ever made. After more than seventy years, the song is still catchy and the storytelling is extraordinarily economical and effective. Although one will always remember the short's cheerfulness, it contains some black humor, as well: look for the portraits of dad in the wise pig's house.
From Baruch Weiss : This is one of the most famous Disney cartoons of all time and I can see why. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf would really be useful at a time like this with the economy down. Another scene in the film that looks amusing is in the practical pig's house where there is a picture on the wall of his father who is depicted as sausages!
From Mike : I was never a big fan of Silly Symphonies but this is an exception. It is very well made, very entertaining, and the Who's afraid of the big bad wolf song is very unforgettable. A classic no doubt.

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