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Little Hiawatha

A Silly Symphony

Release Date : May 15, 1937

Running Time : 9:12


A young Indian brave sets off into the forest primeval to prove his worth by hunting big game. Unfortunately, he finds that some of the game is a lot bigger than he is!




Dave Hand
Bob Wickersham
Louie Schmitt
Dick Heumer
Frank Thomas
Eddie Strickland
Ugo D'Orsi
Merrill de Maris
Charles Couch
George Stallings
Albert Hay Malotte
Character Design
Charlie Thorson
Inpiration Art
Gustav Tenngren
Gayne Whitman
Sally Noble
Mary Rosetti
Millie Walters


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Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by United Artists Pictures


From Jerry Edwards : Little Hiawatha is a little Indian boy who wants to be a mighty hunter and goes off into the forest alone to prove himself. When he can't bring himself to shoot a young rabbit, he endears himself to the woodland creatures, who repay his kindness by rescuing him from an angry grizzly bear. A nicely animated cartoon, with the scene of Hiawatha being chased by the bear being especially well done and exciting. The special effects animation of the waterfall is especially nicely done. Disney does get a little too cute with Hiawatha's pants continually falling down and mooning the audience numerous times.
From Per Nilsson : My first encounter with Little Hiawatha was not the animated cartoon, but the comic book character. He appeared every week in the Swedish weekly magazine and I didn't know until rather recently, from where this rather odd character originated.

There is not much to add to Jerry's description of the short, only that it has quite a few similarities to the later produced Donald's Vacation. Both starts with Hiawatha/Donald travelling in a canoe, later on getting drenched by a waterfall. They steps down in deep water and get all wet. Later on they meet a bear which they both inspects hanging from it's nose. And last but not least, both of them are mooning the audience a lot!

From Richard B. Campos : I loved it ever since I saw it as a small boy, now I'm 22, and have a tattoo of him on my chest (I'm Navajo.) I wish Disney would make a full length film.
From Barbie Dicks : During our vacation at Disney World in Jan. 2006, the Hiawatha clip was shown on the hotel TV and my 3 year old adored it. The grown-ups laughed, too. I'm now looking for it on DVD.
From Chris : This is one of my favorites of the Silly Symphony series. It contain a good among of action with humor and pathos... just the way Walt would have like it. The single sweetest moment in any Disney cartoon for me is the little rabbit's happy reunion with his family after Hiawatha decides to spare his life. You genuinely believe the little guy's terror at the prospect of dying, and thus end up sharing his family's ecstasy to find him spared (although it is amusing that Mama Rabbit -- the one of the right in that scene looks more feminine that the one that does all the licking and hugging -- initially jumps 12 feet in the air to see her baby safe... then sniffs at it quizzically while Papa and the other bunnies smother it with affection).
From Baruch Weiss : A little Indian goes out to hunt animals, but makes the right choice and gives up! Wonderful and cute cartoon especially when the boy's pants falls down!
From Erika : I love this short! And it was released on my birthday (not same year though.)
From Richard Sutor, Ph. D. : This is more an item of trivia than a comment on the cartoon. The composer of the score for Little Hiawatha was Albert Hay Malotte. In 1935 Malotte composed a religious song that endures into the 21st century although very few people know the name of the composer. The song is Malotte's setting of "The Lord's Prayer."
From Claudia : This was one of my favorites when I was a child. I love it, I saw a re-run in black and white.

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