Clock Cleaners

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : October 15, 1937

Running Time : 8:29


Mickey, Donald and Goofy attempt to clean a tower clock; gears, springs and all. The gears and springs have different ideas, as does a nesting stork.


Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Stork (unnamed)


Ben Sharpsteen
Bill Roberts
Al Eugster
Frenchy de Tremaudan
Charles Couch
Wolfgang Reitherman

Cut Scenes

Mickey's fight with the stork was censored in the 80's.


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Original Animator's Drafts

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Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


From Terrence : This short is one of the best from the 30's...the theme is always in your head as Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are together in this classic short. Love it! (It's 9 because the stork thing is a bit long!)
From Jerry Edwards : One of my favorite Mickey/Donald/Goofy shorts. The gags are fun, although each gag runs on a bit long at times. I love the use of perspective when Goofy is close to falling - I get dizzy just from how well they display the heights. Very nice animation and special effects.
From Lee Suggs : This is a wonderful short for two reasons. First it has the best backgrounds in any Disney short subject. The use of perspective and detail here is amazing. (Next time you see the short read the signs behind Donald when he first jumps on the mainspring.) Second is the use of physical comedy. This short doesn't have a lot of substance, but the slap stick gags just keep coming. What makes these gags wonderful is the effort the animators made in getting the characters to flow through them. The best example of this is when Goofy and Mickey and cheating death on the high rope. This short is as entertaining today as when it was made. This proves that Disney's philosophy that "quality will out" inspired, and can inspire, entertainment that will continue to amuse our children's children.
From Ryan : This is a classic short. I remember seeing it at a theater one time back in the 80's. Disney doesn't seem to re-release their shorts in theaters anymore. One thing that interested me as I was reading the previous comments was the first one. It talked about how Rev. Donald Wildmon of the AFA thought he heard Donald say "F*** You!" to the spring who seemed to be talking back to him. Now I will admit, it does somewhat sound like he is saying that, but of course we all know better. I mean that word wouldn't be allowed to be used in films back in those days. All films back then had what we would call a G-rating today. Rev. Wildmon needs to think about that. There's plenty of other things that are more offensive that the AFA could be attacking such as those new cartoons you'd find on Cartoon Network (e.g. "Cow and Chicken") or shows like "The Man Show" on Comedy Central. They'd just better leave the classic Disney cartoons alone.
From John Schaaf : My wife and I watched the 8 mm silent film version with our 3 year old daughter over and over again 25 years ago. We all howled with laughter. It is the funniest cartoon I have ever seen...even without a sound track. I plan to buy a video copy as soon as I can now that I know what tape it is on.
From Nikki : An ingenious creative display of the many ways to clean a clock. The music is very well done and fits every moment. Surprisingly if there is ever a bird that gives Mickey and friends a problem it's always a stork.
From Bill : The best short that Disney made in my opinion. The backgrounds were fantastic and there was much attention to detail. The animators really went all out on this one. One of the best features of this short was the gags, and the fact that Mickey, Goofy and Donald seemed to have equal billing getting into trouble. Again, many people complain about things that are frivolous; who would out a clock so high up or someone actually believing that a swear word would end up in a Disney short! It was non-stop fun and gags. If Disney would just make them them like this again they would not be able to keep up with the demand!
From Rebecca : This is definitely one of my favorite Disney cartoon shorts featuring the famous trio, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, doing what they do best: entertaining! In my opinion, Goofy is what makes this short feature so charming. He is animated so well in this feature that that in itself makes the cartoon so great, and the gags are sequenced flawlessly. Top notch!
From Bo Engwall : This is another of the few really early Disney cartoons I saw the first time around 1970 are a little bit earlier at the movies in Sweden. I had then just discovered that Carl Barks was the name of my favorite comic book artist, both for his splendid art work especially around 1948-1950 and intelligent stories, and I soon learned that the early Disney movies from the thirties were of similar top quality. I became eager to learn who was drawing those wonderful pictures in cartoons like Clock Cleaners . A lot of "master craftsmen" to discover!
From Grace : Absolutely one of my favorite Mickey, Donald and Goofy cartoons. It's amazing of how patient Mickey can be, Goofy reminded me of a tight rope walker in a circus and Donald well let's just face it he was more like wrestling the spring. But anyway in the ending where Mickey, Donald and Goofy were in some sort of dance trio, the music is Snake in a Basket and the dance reminded me of them wearing belly dancer costumes with makeup and veils.
From Katelyn : I saw this one on TV once, though I don't remember exactly when. Another classic cartoon with our favorite trio. I felt sorry for all three of 'em. I admire Mickey's patience when dealing with the stork, and Goofy, well...what can I say. That was a funny part. I can't believe that they accused Donald of swearing at the spring though. That's just stupid. Why would Disney allow that type of language anyway? But I digress. It was really funny, so I'll give it a 9.
From Baruch Weiss : In 1994 this cartoon was voted #27 of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time by the members of the animation field and I can see why. A beautiful musical score can be heard during the title presentation among other things!

As mentioned before this cartoon had Donald being accused of saying the "F" word to the main spring and I disagree. 100% Donald definitely said "Sez You." I own a censored version of this cartoon on "Mickey Mouse in Living Color" and it's censored as we can hear Pluto barking in the soundtrack!

From Bryan Hensley : I own 2 versions of this short on home video. My original from Disney's Special Edition Cartoon Classics VHS volume entitled "Fun on the Job", and the next one on Disney's Funny Factory Volume 3 on DVD (which starred Goofy). The VHS seems unedited since Donald says to the mainspring "says you", and the spring says "says I". (Turn on the closed-captioning on your TV to see what I mean if you have this video!) Then Donald shouted "I'll break you, you doggone snake in the grass!" But on the DVD I have that features this short, was edited. Donald never said any dirty words in this short to begin with! The last scene had Donald saying other stuff entirely!

Donald: "aw, nuts..." (from On Ice in 1935, right down to Pluto barking!)
Mainspring: "says I" (unedited)
Donald: "I'll..." (Then he made angry quacking noises from another short!)

I never even heard such language anywhere until my Middle school years! That's why I've always known that Donald only said "says you" to the mainspring to start with! How does Walmart get away with selling R-rated and unrated movies that have such language nonstop anyway? (They almost banned the Fun on the Job video because of it, even though Donald never said that word in reality.)

From Maggie Roach : I'd just like to say that I agree to what everyone is saying about what Donald was really saying in this short. I listened to Donald very carefully when he was arguing to the talking spring and this is what I heard: Donald: Oh, yeah? Spring: Oh, yeah. Donald: Says who? Spring: Say I. Donald: I'll bust you, you doggone snake in the grass! I guess the real reason why they censured it is because they couldn't understand what Donald was saying.

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