Pluto's Playmate

A Pluto Cartoon

Release Date : January 24, 1941


Pluto fights with a baby seal during a visit to the beach, but the seal soon has to come to his rescue from an attacking squid.


Seal (unnamed)


Norm Ferguson
Basil Davidovich
Ed Dunn
Grant Simmons
Art Fitzpatrick

Cut Scenes

A scene where Pluto has his head held underwater was cut at one time. It has since been reinstated for some showings.


United States
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United States
Cartoon Classics : Limited Gold Editions II : From Pluto with Love
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United States
Disney Treasures : The Complete Pluto Volume 1
Disney Treasures : The Complete Pluto Volume 1


Mickey's Mouse Tracks: Episode 6

Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


From Nikki : Can't say this is my favorite Pluto short. Poor Pluto's fun is interrupted by a seal who is in at least one other short, the seal just won't leave Pluto alone. All Pluto wanted to do was play with ball alone but the seal won't let him and Pluto doesn't consider sharing. When he saved from the squid (and the seal gets all the water out of Pluto's system) Pluto accepts the seal as a friend and goes out into the sun set. Its a very nice friendship short.
From Ryan : I found this short to be quite boring. Pluto is at the beach playing with his ball when a baby seal come up and wants to play. Pluto, however, is not interested in the seal and continues to play with his ball. There was one scene of suspense: that where Pluto has his head dunked underwater by an octopus. Other than that, the cartoon focuses on Pluto and the seal.
From Baruch Weiss : There was a nice music score at the beginning and end of this cartoon, but on the surface it is another predictable one. Pluto encounters another small animal who he does not like at first, but eventually befriends after saving his life. In this case, a baby seal saves him from a squid. The short also reminds me of a Little Audrey cartoon titled "Surf Board".
From Mike : Despite some of the comments I've read. I do like this cartoon. I liked the seal character, he was pretty funny. I like the friendship that came at the end from the adventure.

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