Home Defense

A Donald Duck Cartoon

Release Date : November 26, 1943

Running Time : 7:47


Donald mans his listening post while his three nephews wait in readiness to attack the enemy. But chaos breaks out when the enemy turns out to be nothing more than a wandering bee.


Donald Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie


Jack King
Paul Allen
Carl Barks
Jack Hannah

Cut Scenes

Some gun scenes have been cut out of this short.


United States
Cartoon Classics : Limited Gold Editions II : An Officer and a Duck


Cartoon Classics : Limited Gold Editions II : An Officer and a Duck


Disney Treasures : On the Front Lines
Disney Treasures : Wave 5 : The Chronological Donald Volume 2
Disney Treasures : Wave 5 : The Chronological Donald Volume 2


The Ink and Paint Club: Episode 51: Triple Trouble
The Ink and Paint Club: Episode 31: The Unseen Disney
The Mickey Mouse Club : November 19, 1957

Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


From Jerry Edwards : When Donald Duck, a civilian war aircraft spotter, falls asleep at this post, his nephews trick him by launching a toy plane and toy parachutists. Donald also has misadventures when he thinks that a bee, as amplified by his listening device, is an enemy warship and ends up shooting his own listening post.

On the surface, this is just another typical Donald conflict with his nephews. But the war propaganda moral shines through - Donald should have been alert at his post at all times.

From Ryan : This time instead of Pete being the co-star, it's Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I enjoyed the part where the nephews play a trick on their uncle Donald by flying a toy plane into the sky that they put gingerbread figures in. When Donald wakes up and sees this, he prepares to fire, but then sees the gingerbread men (which he thinks are the enemy soldiers)parachuting out of the plane, he ducks down in a flower patch and surrenders. He then sees it's only a gingerbread man and sees his nephews shooting off guns. This scene is censored on the "Ink and Paint Club", but I saw it on the "Mickey Mouse Club" so I guess I should have taped it from that show rather than the "Ink and Paint Club (even though the "Mickey Mouse Club" version is black and white)."
From Baruch Weiss : This is the only wartime cartoon that has Donald's three nephews in it. It was ok, but again nothing to write home about.
From Alex Komar : Also cut out were references to the Japanese army during WWII.

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