Tiger Trouble

A Goofy Cartoon

Release Date : January 5, 1945

Running Time : 7:37


Tiger hunting in Africa with Goofy as a reluctant Great White Hunter.


Dolores the Elephant
Tiger (unnamed)


Jack Kinney
Milt Kahl
John Sibley
Eric Larson
Jack Boyd
Claude Coats
Lance Nolley
Bill Peet
Paul J. Smith


United States
Cartoon Classics : First Series : Volume 8 : Sport Goofy's Vacation
Goofy Präsentiert
Goofy und Pluto Total Verrückt
Donald Duck's Ferienabenteuer
Mickey, Donald, Pluto et Dingo en Vacances
Video Parade 18
Winnie Puh Orsetto Ghiottone
Le Avventure di Caccia del Prof. de Paperis
Come Divertirsti Con Paperino & C.


The Hunting Instinct
Mickey's Jungle Trouble
Let's Relax


United States
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy
It's a Small World of Fun Volume 3
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy
United Kingdom
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy


Mickey's Mouse Tracks: Episode 61
Walt Disney Presents: The Goofy Adventure Story

Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


From Ryan : This short appears to feature Delores the elephant who was in the The Big Wash. I enjoy this short. I find the part where the tiger loses his stripes to be quite humorous.
From Baruch Weiss : I love this cartoon, I noticed that in the scene where goofy is trapped in the tigers den Paul J. Smith used the same music from Cured Duck also in the chase sequence the same music was heard later in the 1953 cartoon Rugged Bear briefly when Humphrey changes the station, also Bill Peet is credited with the story, but my version on "The Complete Goofy" has it misspelled Bill Peed.
From Dino Cencia : As I read Baruch Weiss's comment, I agree with him. The part when the tiger jumped on Goofy and licked his foot, and Goofy tied the tiger's tail to a tree; I heard that same music from Cured Duck when Donald Duck was smoking a cigar going to Daisy Duck's house. As I heard that music again in this cartoon, I thought, isn't that the same music from Cured Duck? I was right and I loved that music. Also, the chase music part was from another Donald and Goofy cartoon Frank Duck Brings em' Back Alive. I heard that music too and I love Disney cartoon music. The funny part in Tiger Trouble was when the tiger was chasing Goofy around the jungle. I like Goofy cartoons and I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow! Yay! I can't wait to see all the characters! Great Goofy cartoon! 120 out of 120.
From Brad Bethel : This is tied with Hockey Homicide for the funniest Goofy short ever. Even the menacing title has me laughing before the fun begins.

The success of this cartoon comes from the creative use of sound and vocal effects (Goofy's yelling and the tiger roaring), wild animation (the chase thru the jungle), and as a whole, Jack Kinney's ability to weave so much fun and humor (Dolores' rhythmic tiger tracking) in what was set up as a dangerous expedition.

From Bryan Hensley : I've been told these days that tiger hunting in India is outlawed. Probably because tigers are endangered species, especially Bengal Tigers! This is still a hilarious Goofy short! When the elephant toots "LUNCH!", it sounded a lot like the whistle from the 1933 short Building A Building. This short was featured in Disney's It's A Small World of Fun volume 3; the disc and the cover! The scene where Goofy scratches his way through the jungle looks as if it was reused from Lonesome Ghosts in 1937! Never mess with an animal who loves to eat people, such as the tiger in this short! The part where the tiger held Goofy with his teeth into his den seems partly-redone in Goliath II in 1960. (When Raja carries Goliath off by his tail!) The tiger's running was also redone for Raja in that short! The tiger losing his stripes must have been so good, that also happened to Tigger for Winnie the Pooh at least twice in 1988 and 2004! This short is one doozy of a Goofy short; I hope all of you go nuts over it too!
From Klaus Disney : German Title: Die Tigerjagd

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