Double Dribble

A Goofy Cartoon

Release Date : December 20, 1946

Running Time : 7:18


The Goofies of P.U. take on the Goofies of U.U. in a full court basketball frenzy.




Jack Hannah
Bill Justice
John Sibley
Hugh Fraser
The Blackbirds
Maurice Greenberg
Yale Gracey
Bill Berg
Milt Banta
Oliver Wallace

Inside Jokes

As with the other Goofy team sport shorts, the players have names of Disney people. In this short, they include (Bill) Berg, (Jack) Hannah, (Yale) Gracey, (John) Sibley, (Milt) Banta, (Hugh) Fraser and (Jack) Kinney.

Cut Scenes

A scene where the referee shoots holes in the floor to keep the players behind the foul line was cut out. Also cut were scenes showing the coach smoking.


United States
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Goofys Lustige Sportschau
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Classic Cartoon Favorites : Volume 5 : Extreme Sports Fun
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United Kingdom
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy


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Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


From Ryan : This is one of those shorts that features Goofy look-alikes. I enjoy the little basketball player who is always waiting for his turn to play on the court. The time comes and he ends up making the basket, leading his team to victory. Good for basketball fans everywhere.
From Baruch Weiss : Not one of my favorite shorts but I bet Michael Jordan would like it. In fact this short should of been shown with the "Space Jam" movie even though it was Warner Brothers.
From Drew Engman : My Dad, Andy Engman, did some great footage on this cartoon. I and my family remember it very fondly. It was a crack-up with all the duplicate Goofy's on the court. This was one of his favorite "one-reelers" to bring home from the studios on the weekends to show to our friends and neighbor kids on Florence St. in Burbank.

Andy is still alive and fairly well at age 92. He's trying out a new pacemaker tonight (1/7/04) as a matter of fact. He should be home in about 10 days.

From Dino Cencia : Hail to victory for old P.U! I loved this short! My favorite part is when the mini Goofy went flying into the basket and made the final shot before the game was over. I'm glad that the P.U team won. I love basketball! I give this short a 890 out of 890.
From Mike : This is one of Goofy's funniest cartoons. The little Goofy was just funny, and as a kid I always the team with the initials P.U. was absolutely hilarious. This cartoon is a 10.
From Laura Cross : Actually, I think this would go better with "Air Bud" which is, in fact, a Disney movie about basketball.

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