Mickey and the Seal

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Release Date : December 3, 1948

Running Time : 6:35


A zoo escapee finds refuge in Mickey's bath, despite Pluto's protests.


Mickey Mouse
Salty, the Seal


Charles Nichols
Phil Duncan
Hugh Fraser
George Nicholas
Dan MacManus
Ralph Hullet
Karl Karpe
Nick George
Milt Schaffer
Oliver Wallace


Nominated for an Academy Award (Short Subjects - Cartoons)


United States
Cartoon Classics : Special Edition
Cartoon Classics : First Series : Volume 5 : Disney's Best of 1931-1948
The Spirit of Mickey
Mickys Sommerspaß
Hier ist Mickey
Micky's Lustige Abenteuer
Salut Mickey
Les Folles Vacances de Mickey
Topolino Superstar


United States
Disney Cartoon Parade Volume 2


At Home with Donald Duck
Disney's Best of 1931-1948
The Spirit of Mickey
Mickey's Summer Madness
Hello! Mickey
Mickey Mouse Anniversary Show


United States
Have a Laugh : Volume 1
Disney Treasures : Wave 3 : Mickey Mouse in Living Color (Volume 2)
Walt Disney's Funny Factory with Mickey
Micky's Ferienspass
Disney Treasures : Wave 3 : Mickey Mouse in Living Color (Volume 2)
Disney Treasures : Wave 3 : Mickey Mouse in Living Color (Volume 2)
Walt Disney's Funny Factory with Mickey
Have a Laugh : Volume 1
Disney Treasures : Wave 3 : Mickey Mouse in Living Color (Volume 2)
United Kingdom
Have a Laugh : Volume 1
Disney Treasures : Wave 3 : Mickey Mouse in Living Color (Volume 2)


Mickey's Mouse Tracks: Episode 45
Donald's Quack Attack: Episode 36
Walt Disney Presents: At Home with Donald Duck
House of Mouse: Season 2 - Episode 11

Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English

Released by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.


From Ryan : I first saw this short when I was about six years old. It was one of my favorites back then. I still enjoy it quite a bit today. Mickey is feeding fish to seals at the local zoo. A baby seal stows away in his basket looking for more fish when Mickey is on his way home. Pluto, however, discovers the baby seal and doesn't take too kindly to him. After Pluto ends up chasing the seal around the kitchen, Mickey comes in and sees the basket with all the stuff in it knocked over and sends Pluto outside, thinking he made the mess. One of my favorite parts is where Mickey is taking a bath. While he is scrubbing his back, the seal (who has snuck into the tub) lies beside Mickey's back and enjoys having himself scrubbed. When Mickey picks up the soap, the seal, who is underwater, picks up Mickey's scrubbrush and Mickey wonders what's going on. Mickey soon discovers the seal after draining the bathtub and takes him back to the zoo. The ending of this short, however, was perhaps the funniest of all. After Pluto and Mickey get home from the zoo, they discover the older seals jumping into their tub and using an ironing board as a diving board. The cartoon ends with the baby seal waving from inside the shower. The animation of this short is excellent, especially the background art.
From Lee Suggs : The Seal of the title is a very cute little fellow who sneaks out of a zoo in Mickey's picnic basket. When Mickey gets home Pluto immediately discovers the stowaway. What follows is Pluto's desperate attempts to tell Mickey about the Seal and Mickey's hilarious discovery of the little fellow. (In the bathtub, where Mickey is seen NUDE!) This is an amusing short with great sight gags and a fun ending. You just can't go wrong with the classics.
From Baruch Weiss : Here is another cartoon where Pluto encounters another small animal but this time instead of befriending it he does not like it at all throughoutt out the short. Like other shorts(e.g. Lend a Paw) the opening titles feature Mickey but play Pluto's theme and the dog takes center stage in the cartoons.
From Grace : I really found this short amusing. The seal escapes from the zoo and ended up in Mickey's house, Pluto knows the stowaway and tries to convince Mickey that there was a seal in the house, and then in the ending a group of seals inside Mickey's bathroom. This is a funny short and there is this one funny scene where Mickey is in the bathtub seen NAKED! Hey Mickey show the girls your birthday suit!
From Bryan Hensley : This short started off Disney's Funny Factory collection on DVD, and boy did it start it off, since it was an Oscar nominee. At least when Mickey was in the tub and jumped out, you can't see anything private! (Thank goodness!) I'm sure the theme music for the start of this short was a new one for Mickey and not one for Pluto, like Mickey Down Under for instance. This short was also in an episode of Disney's House of Mouse. I'm sure the audience was amazed at this short, since they let out a thunderous applause all the way through the opening credits! I also remember it being a part of the 1998 VHS release "The Spirit of Mickey", along with 10 other cream-of-the-crop shorts! Near the end when Pluto was barking into the bathroom, he suddenly fell into the tub painfully and spotted Salty the seal in Mickey's arms when he came to. Boy was he mad! This short, Mickey and The Seal, was a worthy Oscar nominee to me! (It ended up losing to Tom and Jerry's original Thanksgiving short, The Little Orphan.) I'm sure all of you out there would like Mickey and The Seal despite it not being an Oscar winner.
From Hunter : My favorite part of this short is probably the scene when Mickey comes home. Pluto comes to him, runs around his legs a bit and then jumps up and puts his paws on Mickey's shoulders, then gives him a big lick on the face. That knocks him to the floor and we get a nice little scene of Pluto giving Mickey's face a few big slurps. I liked the scene because it gave a good feeling of how Mickey and Pluto live together and how much Pluto loves Mickey. I mean, really. Mickey was only going to the zoo to feed the seals and he gets a face covered in slobber on his return.

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