Two Gun Goofy

A Goofy Cartoon

Release Date : May 16, 1952

Running Time : 6:34


After accidentally foiling a stagecoach robbery, Goofy is made sherrif of a small western town.




Jack Kinney
John Sibley
Edwin Aardal
Wolfgang Reitherman
Hugh Fraser
Dick Anthony
Effects Animation
Dan MacManus
Al Zinnen
Brice Mack
Dick Kinney
Paul J. Smith


Donald Duck Geht Nach Wildwest
La Collection en Or des Studios Disney Volume 2
Da Disney con Amore
Paperino nel Far West
Le Radici di Pippo


Donald Duck Goes West


United States
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy
The Apple Dumpling Gang
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy
United Kingdom
Disney Treasures : Wave 2 : The Complete Goofy


Donald's Quack Attack: Episode 6

Technical Specification

Color Type: Technicolor
Animation Type: Standard animation
Sound Mix: Mono
Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1
Negative Format: 35mm
Print Format: 35mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Original Language: English


From Ryan : This short may or may not be a parody of the movie "High Noon," which had been released the same year. On an episode of "Mouseterpiece Theater," host George Plimpton was comparing Goofy with Gary Cooper and the movie "High Noon." One part of this short that I enjoy is the scene where the undertaker sees all these people getting killed and puts up a sign that reads: MOVED TO BIGGER HEADQUARTERS. I also like the ending where a woman kisses Goofy who still has a dynamite in the back of his pants. The dynamite explodes and Goofy says, "What a gal!"
From Baruch Weiss : In this cartoon Goofy becomes a hero by accident, foils a stagecoach robbery and is made a sheriff of a small western town. I thought this short was okay. I found the opening similar to the later Chip and Dale (who do not appear in this cartoon) short The Lone Chipmunks. I liked the ending where after the TNT explodes Goofy exclaims "What a Gal!"
From Laura Cross : I love this cartoon. In the beginning, Pete arrives and does his usual massacre. Meanwhile, enter Goofy, who is a heavy smoker. He unknowingly stops a stagecoach robbery and Pete swears revenge. However, Pete reveals to be scared of dynamite, even when Goofy smokes, a scene that was surprisingly unedited. I give this cartoon an A.
From Al Galen : I saw this short in "The Roots of Goofy" in the early 1990s. Gary Owens hosted that animated television special on the Disney Channel. He also hosted "A Disney Vacation" which had the song "Let's Get Away From It All". This is one of the classic Goofy Western cartoons besides Californy 'er Bust. I recommend it to audiences who are fans of classic Westerns.

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