Tummy Trouble

A Roger Rabbit Cartoon

Release Date : June 23, 1989

Running Time : 7:46


Roger and Baby Herman take an emergency trip to the hospital after baby Herman swallows his rattle.


Roger Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
Baby Herman


Rob Minkoff
Dale Baer
Carl Baeza
James Baxter
Roger Chiasson
Joe Haidar
Mark Kausler
Chrystal Klabunde
Jacques Muller
Bob Scott
Tom Sito
Bruce W. Smith
Franz Vischer
Larry White
Kevin Harkey
Mark Kausler
Bill Kopp
Rob Minkoff
Patrick A. Ventura
Don Hahn


United States
The Best of Roger Rabbit
It's Roger Rabbit!
Il Etait Une Fois Roger Rabbit
Ecco Roger Rabbit!


United States
The Best of Roger Rabbit


Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Vista series)
Falsches Spiel mit Roger Rabbit
Chi Ha Incastrato Roger Rabbit

Technical Specification


From Jonathan D. H. Parshall : This short was released along with the movie "Honey, I Shrunk the kids" and is also on the video. The plot is that Roger is looking after Baby Herman who gulps down his own rattle. A frantic Roger rushes him to the hospital and the rest of the cartoon is Roger's hijinks around the hospital. This short reminds one of the craziness of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and also of the Tex Avery shorts.
From Mr. Penguin : I give this toon a 10! Watch out for a Mickey Mouse-hole, and Mickey's shoes and pants sitting in a stall (when Roger falls through all those floors) . Changes: When Roger comes into Herman's room, there is a bra hanging over that dressing thing,a fish weighing on a scale and a poster of a mouse's skull; but in the next scene the bra and fish are gone and the mouse poster changed to a picture of a peanut labled "Rabbit's brain". Painting of the three little wolves hanging in the Hermans' house at beggining and a Donald Duck painting in the hospital room when Roger is dancing.
From Robert Poole : I don't really picture Roger Rabbit as a traditional Disney character,but more of a breakthrough one. Tummy Trouble is one of the most enjoyable animated shorts I've ever seen. Who could resist Droopy saying "Bruising,isn't it folks?" I saw a few inside gags that you've might have missed: the hospital bed scene with the mouse skull (Mickey, nooo!) there is a picture with the mad scientist from the 1930's Mickey cartoon The Mad Doctor as well as one with Ms. Herman (which is knocked down when Roger enters the room).

2. When Roger is being rushed through those doors, the doors say many "-ology" terms (like paliontology, zoology, psychology) before hitting the final one which says "Burbank" on it.

From Baruch Weiss : In this cartoon Baby Herman swallows a rattle and is sent to the hospital. I liked the part where Jessica Rabbit comes down the hallway with a tray of bottles and then the baby sees them and then they are in his eyes.

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