Off His Rockers

A Special Cartoon

Release Date : July 17, 1992


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Technical Specification


From Billy : "Off His Rockers" was a hybrid computer and traditionally animated short released theatrically before "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid" in 1992. The living room environment and the rocking horse, the main character of this short, are CG. The video game obsessed boy was traditionally animated. I believe this short was one of Disney Animation's earliest attempts for a fully CG film. (I noted that it did contain some traditional animation, but the majority of this short is CG.) Some CG was used for elements in past traditionally animated features. The short was produced at the Walt Disney Feature Animation satelite studio which was located inside the Disney-MGM Studios park of Walt Disney World. The Florida Studio later produced three features (which are considered part of the "Disney Classics" series) including "Mulan," "Lilo & Stitch," and "Brother Bear." I believe the studio also produced "John Henry," a short released on American Legends, a video collection of Disney shorts inspired by tall tales. The studio was a theme park attraction which visitors can watch artists animate on films still in production. It, and the satelite studio in Paris, closed down when Disney Feature Animation favored computer animation and all future projects were produced in Burbank. The attraction still exists today, but I believe a speaker just discuss the process of animating.The story of "Off His Rockers" revolves around a child outgrowing his favorite (in this case, an old-fashioned) toy in favor for something more exciting and high-tech. The short takes place in a living room. A rocking horse peeks out of the closet which he was stored in to watch his zoned-out owner play a shooting video game. Feeling lonely, the horse tries many attempts to grab the boy's attention away from his game so they can relive the memories they once had. One of my favorite gags seen in this short was the rocking horse tap dancing in front of the boy wearing a top hat. "Off His Rockers" is an enjoyable short with good characters and a story. Disney did a good job experimenting with the possibilities of combing CG and hand-drawn characters.